Internet Speed Display

  • Internet speed on touch display stays on 0 when no device is in use. I suggest this should display actual internet speed coming from ISP.
    I have Norton Core which displays ISP internet speed on app which it checks after every few hours.

  • @royalpritpal Thank you for the suggestion! I will add your vote to this request. I know it is not the same, but in the AmpliFi app under the performance tab you can run periodic speed test and they are stored for reference.

  • @UI-Brett thanks for your reply. Will be good to have ISP speed on display. ApliFI app speed test is very poor. I am on Gigabit connection, my desktop plugged in via LAN always shows over 700Mbps but his app never went above 200Mbps.

  • What does this screen display? How is speed calculated? Mine bears absolutely zero relationship to what speeds 3 different apps I use show (all agree with each other). My HD shows multiples of the actual WAN speed. At the moment its showing 10 to 12 times more Mbps than the actual speed. At times it can show more Mbps than my service provider can provide. LAN traffic is zero.

    If of assistance, I'm running 2 HD's in a wired network. The first one in line is where I do my downloads via a wired Mac. The install is 2 week old. Firmware is up to date. Been like this since day 1.

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