Poor wifi?

  • First 24 hours with AMPLIFI and I am sad to say wifi performance is poor as compared to Norton Core. I have single AMPLIFI without any mesh points same as Norton Core. My home office I used to get 400/300 up/down now I hardly get over 50/40 up/down.

  • @royalpritpal Are you seeing this degradation on all devices or just ones in your home office? How is wired performance after the first 24 hours? Lastly, What does your network topology look like? Could you possibly have a double NAT where bridge mode is needed? I have seen that cause wireless degradation before

  • @UI-Brett yes on all devices, I plugged in my Norton Core which is sitting next to AMpliFi and I can see huge difference. I am getting 300Mbps+ on Norton Core where on AmpliFi I am only getting 40-50Mbps. Wired performance is okay, I am getting 700Mbps+ via wire. Currently I have AmpliFi HD which I bought to replace Norton Core, I didn't buy mesh points coz I was under impression it will be better than Norton Core but so far it's not looking like that. I have about 13 wireless and 2 wired devices connected to the AmpliFi. Not sure why I am facing wireless degradation. My home office room is about 8M away from AmpliFi with two wooden walls in between.

  • @royalpritpal In terms of wireless interfernce being a possible cause, we could change the channel for 5Ghz and 2.4Ghz. Can you use a WiFi analyzer to scan your environment, then select a different channel in the AmpliFi app, one that is not in use in your area?
    Channel Selection

  • @UI-Brett tried all sort of these things. I can conclude its not as affective as my other router. Looks like I will need to invest into a mesh points in coming future if I want same bandwidth throughout my home.

  • @royalpritpal Mesh points won't help you. The whole system is rubbish. Looks good on a table, but doesn't work. And every firmware release is less stable than the previous. Very disappointing from what is supposed to be a premium product. Premium in price tag only.

  • @James-Abdale totally agree. I’m throwing this unit in bin soon. They show alot in pictures but in actual they are rubbish. I listed couple of issues and suggestions but no one is paying attention to it. Looks like they don’t care about this anymore.

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