• Does the Amplifi gamers edition have a firewall? I cannot see any configuration or logging information to suggest that it has one. This is a bit scary, considering how frequently home routers are attacked from the WAN.

    NAT provides a level of security, but is not a firewall. What level of protection does this thing have to the many risks originating from the internet such port scans, ping floods and other ICMP exploits? Without any logging I feel pretty vulnerable right now! Am astonished to find myself in this situation in this day and age, especially after stumping up the sort of money that the Amplifi gear cost!

    The fact that the router is primarily controlled via an 'app' should have been a red flag when researching the kit I guess.

  • I can not find any documentation of its capabilities, no configuration mention of it in the router configuration, and as I've said, no logging at all which is highly unusual in modern home routers.

  • AmpliFi does not support editing firewall configurations, and cannot be disabled unless you place the router in bridge mode.

    Take a look at the link I posted above.

  • @Tony-Penev Not sure why this comment is upvoted. I've already seen the support page you linked. It doesn't tell me anything about the firewall apart from that apparently the device has one.
    It is unusual on a home router for the firewall to not be configurable to a basic degree, although I found the port mapping config now which is actually firewall configuration under the covers. QOS is also firewall configuration, which seems to be handled via the 'latency vs throughput' selection.
    But as I said, total lack of logging on the router is extremely unusual and unhelpful. How can I diagnose connection and security issues with no logging? This applies equally to PPPoE and WIFI issues, not just firewall.

    'Bridge' mode is only useful if you have an upstream router, in which case you're turning the expensive Amplifi router into little more than a fancy WIFI access point.

  • @shealey I linked it to show you that the AmpliFi does have a firewall like you asked about earlier but it does NOT support configuration outside of port forwarding and UPnP. QoS is controllable like you said via the “Priority” section on Gamers Edition and Alien with two options being, Latency and Throughput. There is also a QoS option inside of the “Devices” section where you can select one of three priorities for devices individually, Normal, Streaming, and Gaming priorities. Translating to Normal, Higher, and Highest priorities respectively. It must be noted that AmpliFi’s QoS being mentioned ONLY applies to WIRELESS devices/traffic. Wired devices are excluded from QoS prioritization.

  • @Tony-Penev Thanks for the clarification about QOS. Was not aware that LAN devices do not have QOS applied to their traffic. Have seen a support article as well which says more or less the same thing. Was updated only 11 days ago, so seems that the documentation is evolving.

    My main issue about the firewall, and other functions, is that there is no logging as I've said. I'll post something in the 'Suggestions' category, as this is an important feature of routers that I use a lot.

  • @shealey yes while there is no “logging” that you can see on your end. Sending a Support File to AmpliFi I believe contains firewall info for them to see and they could share that with you via contacting support. If your firewall is being attacked generating that Support File and sending it to them would be your current best option. I would submit a feature request to AmpliFi asking about adding a logging option.

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