Browser-based configuration on the local network

  • Recently set up a new Amplifi gamers edition router and MESH points. Am shocked to find that I cannot configure it from my main computer, and have to rely on an annoying app to do so.
    I expect to be able to access all of the advanced configuration on the router from my main computer's web browser or maybe SSH session in the same way as every other home router I have ever owned - but am stunned to find that I am given a small dialog on the web browser with a handful of options that don't relate to main functionality of the router.

    Where are the logs? How am I supposed to monitor the router without logging?

    Given that the main computer is on the hard wired ethernet connection to the router, how am I supposed to diagnose issues with the Wifi network without a meaningful admin interface? The app is only available on my phone, which can only communicate with the router via WIFI!

    The app by the way keeps jumping to a screen telling me that it is searching for the WIFI network ... even though the phone is already connected to the correct WIFI network and has been for hours.

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