Schedule router reboot

  • Will there be a future feature to let users have a schedule for rebooting our Alien routers daily?

  • @Skillzx5 This has been requested in the past, but has not been considered or implemented yet. I will add your vote to the request!

  • @Skillzx5 Hello, I have AMPLIFI HD and never felt need to reboot it. Why do you see a need to reboot Alien router every day?

  • @Writeumar Rebooting network hardware corrects network and internet issues 75% of the time or more. The router uses memory and stores cache internally which might slow down its performance in areas with high bandwidth usage. Even though there maybe nothing wrong with the network connection itself, just as any machine would run its best when its restarted or powered on after a complete shutdown, so does a router's performance improve with periodic reboots and or power cycles.

    There was also a global warning from the F.B.I about rebooting routers to stop Russia-Linked Malware from spreading.

    I have tested this out multiple times and always noticed a slight boost in performance after each reboot or power cycle. I would advise as a simple experiment to do a power cycle or reboot during early morning or late night hours when internet usage is not significantly used in your area to see if you noticed a difference.

    Hope this clarifies my reasoning and please share your findings if you do decide to reboot your router or power cycle as suggested.

  • @Skillzx5 that story is about 2 years old. A lot has happened from the hackers and manufacturers sides since then.

    As I mentioned in my earlier reply, I never experienced slowness and thus never felt a need to reboot my AmpliFi HD for many months. The only time I restart my router is when I have to change the physical location of it, or change my internet provider.

    That's one of the reasons I love this router.

    I once had to factory reset in the past 2 years, because when a device is connected to the router, the app keeps on showing it. In that case, Factory reset was the only option to clear out those old devices. A suggestion for improvement has already been submitted to AmpliFi to let user delete unwanted device, while creating Profiles.

    Got no experience with Alien though.

    Good luck.

  • I second this implementation. Would be nice to schedule something without having to do it on my own daily (or when I remember). Been looking for the same feature on my comcast modem but it seems like adding this feature on the GUI is not needed.

  • @Damir-Alonso I third this implementation. ☺ ☝

  • @Writeumar It also helps to troubleshoot if you know there is less potential problems in certain parts of your network.

  • @Skillzx5
    I agree due to the fact if an issue arises, it would help to correct the issues at hand.

  • I think now is the time to make it work or I'm dumping all of my Amplifi mesh routers.
    I am 3000 miles away from home and I have a smart home. Yesterday the ISP was down for a couple of hours as well as the power. As the modem and the router are separate they need to be rebooted in sequence. How do I do that 3000 miles away. If the router had a scheduled reboot problem, this would have fixed itself based on the schedule.
    As it is right now, we don't know if the smart heating system is working and the house is in below freezing temperatures. Ring and Blink cameras are not working - nor are they storing anything. For the cost involved and piece of mind, I'm going to throw all this amplifi stuff out when I get back and get a professional mesh router that has scheduling.

  • @Black-Fox This is really unfortunate to hear about your situation. @UI-AmpliFi should have absolutely had the schedule reboot feature enabled/available since launch on the Alien router. This is a perfect case as many are working away from their primary location during these times and have no way of remotely rebooting their router and or modem. You have outlines great points and it makes me concerned for those with a fully automated smart home that depend on a reliable network. If the router goes down, then all wireless devices will be at risk of not working as intended.

    @UI-AmpliFi & @UI-Brett please advise.

  • @Skillzx5
    Hi thanks.
    Just got a note from Amplifi... they are concerned about my situation and will put it forward as a suggestion.
    My cheap work around will be to get some manual christmas light switches and have the modem cycle on and off, and then do the same for the router a couple of minutes later.... set it up on a daily basis.

    asus has had this option for years and I would recommend anyone considering using a smart home avoid amplifi and ubiquiti.... they are too slow to respond to an important requirement such as auto reboot.

    ut it forwardlt

  • @Black-Fox My workaround in a mission-critical smart home situation is to install smart plugs for my modem and router and connect them to a secondary network supplied by a mobile hotspot running on an old android phone with a cheap data SIM as these plugs do not normally consume a lot of data. I can then turn these plugs on and off remotely rebooting my equipment when needed. Still an extra cost for the mobile data but might be worthwhile to avoid ending up in such a tricky situation.

  • @Ali-Hadi Sounds like a great idea. I'll give it a try

  • It wouldn't be necissary if the Alien had better memory management, but as it stands I find myself manually restarting my router every couple of days, so this feature would be useful. Or better still, a cron job that flushes memory and resets long-standing running processes.

  • @lissy93 I know what you mean as I do a full power cycle once a week just to keep things refreshed. I personally think at this point if @UI-AmpliFi is not going to build features out that should have came with the product since launch, @UI-AmpliFi should just make the Alien open source to users so we can add custom script functions and enhancements to our own Alien routers.

  • @pungas This topic might be of benefits for you and for what feature(s) you are seeking.

  • @Writeumar The reason I would like to see a schedule router reboot is so that when you are not home, and the power goes out or the internet goes down, the system will reset itself on a daily basis. I have experience with this and did not have remote access to my smarthome for over two weeks...All that was needed was for the router to be rebooted. My smartlocks, smartgarage, smartthermostats, smartsecurity were all anyone could break in and I wouldn't have a record.

  • @Black-Fox Agreed! This is a really great post proving one of the many points for having a schedule router reboot process on the Alien Router and ensuring that the home network and devices are not down and left vulnerable for not functioning as intended.

  • @Skillzx5 I have made a couple of posts giving my reasons for needed update...but here is my latest email to help(at)

    *I don’t really understand the resistance to making this change in your firmware...years ago, when I supported Asus Routers, I worked with the developer of Asus-WRT Merlin, and posed the same request to him.
    His answer was similar to yours – the routers are designed so that they don’t need to be rebooted to continue providing maximum throughput.
    I proposed my reason to him was to provide for the router to reset on a regular basis in the case of either a power outage or an internet down.
    He agreed to fix his modified software...He charged me $25...Today Merlin’s custom firmware is part of ASUS OEM firmware and so every ASUS owner has the ability to enable this valuable little fix.

    Why can't you do this?

    Please fix it.

    Right now I’m using a workaround with a $15 manual Christmas light timer.

    Once I get my new ASUS RT-AX86U, your AmplifiHD routers will become dumb AP's**

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