One Mesh Point Fails to Connect

  • I noticed that one of the mesh point's LED lights were flashing from the middle and out indicating that the wifi isn't ready or connected. The other mesh point, in the same network, is connecting just fine. A variety of devices are connecting to the wifi network. This is a case of everything working fine and then one mesh point failing without any changes made to firmware or the position of the affected mesh point. I did a factory reset of the failing mesh point, a factory reset of the router, and the two communicated correctly for a bit. However, the mesh point dropped the connection and is once again in the aforementioned disconnected state. My suspicion is the mesh point is faulty, but I'm hoping for other insights.

  • @Ben-Boise Can you move the MeshPoint into the same room and see if it will connect and operate in a stable manor? Are they on the same firmware version?

  • @UI-JT thank you for your response. I moved the affected mesh point into the same room as the router. It connected, ran connected for about 4 minutes, and is now back to its disconnected state. The software versions and software revisions appear to be the same between both mesh points and the router. If there's different data you need, please do let me know.

  • @Ben-Boise Thanks for letting us know, can you PM me? I can help you file an RMA.

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