v3.3.0 2.4g 2nd SSID and Wemo

  • I have 2 Amplifi Router HDs connected via Ethernet Backbone running v.3.3.0

    On the "Satellite" Router, I have a 2nd 2.5g Network setup that I only have my 9 Wemo Switches on as they do not like the Dual 5g/2.5g main wifi network.

    If my cellphone jumps over to my main network, after a while, less then a few hours, all of my wemo switches lose their wifi connection to their network.

    If I then force my phone over to the "wemo network" the second my phone connects, all of the wemo gear immediately indicates that it is connected and proceeds to work correctly again.

    has anyone else seen this issue?



  • @Chris-Herman It sounds like the routers may each be configured as routers, creating a double NAT and two seperate networks instead of being meshed together. I have never used Wemo switches before, are they reliant on your phone for normal operation?

  • @UI-Brett the "Satellite" router is configured as a mesh point, with ethernet backhaul turned on. There are no settings for a second NAT. All I enabled was an additional 2.4 Ghz SSID on that router just for my IOT stuff.

    The Wemo app on the phone is required for setup, and can control the the switches, but in my installation I use the Wemo bridge, a small device wired ethernet device that sits on the network, to give me access from the Apple home app.

    Everything on the network has static IPs from the Router AHD.

    But like I said all of the switches seem to loose connection if my phone, the only other device on that IOT network, is gone for a few hours. The second my phone reconnects they all immediately connect, is there any sort of time out on the 2nd SSID for the sake of power saving?

    Thanks for your time.

  • @Chris-Herman No, the second SSID will always broadcast and does not have a sleep timer or anything of that sort for power saving, most of the time its devices that will have that.
    Can you generate a support file from your system after you experience this issue, but only after your iphone comes back online on the 2.4 SSID when all Wemo devices come back online

  • @UI-Brett No prob,

    Just moved my phone over to my main network, ill wait for the Wemo's to drop off and I'll get you a support file both without and with...

    How should I get those to you?



  • @Chris-Herman If you use the app, just reference this community post in the email and they will be assigned to me. If you download them off the WebUI, send them to my personal email found in my bio

  • @UI-Brett Just emailed you both files and a link to short video I shot.


  • @Chris-Herman Do you have a newer AppleTv that is signed into the same apple account as your Home app? If so, in your Wemo app go to More on the bottom right and choose Connect to Our Smart Home Partners. This will assign your Wemo switches to the Home App and you can disconnect the Wemo Bridge. My devices work better under this setup than using the Wemo Bridge.

    I have my devices set to the Additional 2.4 SSID. Just make sure your hubs and you home app are signed into the same account.

  • @Jamie-Loeb

    Hey Jaime, this is only true for the new Wemo Mini and the Newer Generation Wemo 3 way switches.

    I do have my newer generation Apple TV setup as a home hub.

    When everything is on the network, if I remove the bridge from my network, I lose all of my Wemo devices, which are the 1st generation switches and Insight plugs.

    This was working in the past, but now seems to be more of an issue in the newer firmware on the router.

    Thanks for the idea though.



  • @Chris-Herman After the 3.3.0 rollout, I had to downgrade back to 3.1.2 due to connection issues. I would suggest doing that. I think there were some hidden issues with 3.3.0

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