Replacement for Hardware Teleport

  • Are there any plans to create a replacement for the existing hardware teleport? I fear the day mine no longer works and I have to do something else out on the road. I am primarily concerned about my Windows laptop and FireStick, which do not have an existing Teleport app. It was great concept, I just wish you folks would either unlock it or open up your teleport feature to other routers as it is a great solution and many hotels are wifi only these days and the existing routers for the most part don't seem to support Wireless WAN, they require a hardwired connection.

  • I would also like a new updated version of the Teleport hardware. I have a few of them and they usually work great. (not today though).

    Its a great product and I also wish you would implement this support in your other hardware. I have ubiquity hardware all over and I live in two countries. If it would be possible to create a VPN connection and direct that to a certain port on a switch or create a separate wifi network that has the same function as the teleport hardware. That would be amazing. Tried calling your support about this, but either Im lousy at explaining or they just don't care, I didn't even get an answer.

    Anyway. Teleport hardware updates are more than welcome.

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