Amplifi AFi-R has side effects on IPTV

  • Hello,
    Since I added an Amplifi AFi-R in bridge mode (behind my AVM FritzBox as VDSL-50 modem) I have excellent WiFi connections everywhere.
    But my Telekom media receiver 401 does not like it even when it is not connectd directly with die Amplifi AFi-R.
    Whatever I try it will give me a frozen mediea receiver after 5-10min as long as the Amplifi is connected to a LAN port of the fritz box.
    The MR401 requires IGMP v3 so I cannot connect the media receiver to the Amplifi AFi-R. If I do so the receiver is stuck even earlier.
    It is not only the video stream (which uses vlan ID 7 by default) - it is the whole receiver I have to manually switch off an on again.

    thank you in advance...

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