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    I’ve been dealing with sub-par performance with my ‘other’ brand WiFi 6 router and decided that the AmpliFi Alien is Exactly what my home network needs. I found some Sellers on but I’m not going to pay $760.00 USD for one unit. Price Gouging at its finest.

    I Hope to see more available on the AmpliFi online store soon.

  • @Richard-Luchs look on eBay. Just made an offer and got mine for $500. They’re going for 500 even though listed as ~640 and higher ... the operative phrase being “or best offer”. Browse completed sales to find actual closing prices. Market demand is high for few available units in this pandemic supply chain interruption. But you can get one shipped and all for 500. Cheers

  • @shibumi 500? You’re insane, you do realize they retail for $380? AmpliFi needs to get their manufacturing in order, it’s getting ridiculous. Amazon has not been restocked since December/Christmas.

  • @Tony-Penev Supply and demand. Shibumi had a demand while there was limited supply so a premium was paid. No different then people paying other people to stand in Apple lines for them lol. Someone stood in line (with a bot probably) for Shibumi and they where compensated.

    I think UBNT is a very lean manufacture which all of it taking place in China. A lot of things need to get in order right now considering the virus. Do you think UBNT wants to have a limited supply? I think they like selling in volume and this might be the first Amplifi product to do so.

    Your comment might be warranted if this is still an issue while being contagion free and it is May of 2021.

  • @Tony-Penev, agreed 100%. My current WiFi 6 router works okay now, so I’ll wait. Not going to pay $500 for one.

  • @shibumi, the AmpliFi Alien is the Best home WiFi 6 router I’ve researched out there but I can not stomach to pay $500 for one unit. I’ll wait in hopes I can get a brand new one soon. I’m still not an e-bay buyer...still too much over priced merchandise there, even today. I’ll wait.

  • @Richard-Luchs Sorry to hear this is happening, I will keep the community updated as best as possible for stocking information.

  • @Tony-Penev - There are other things to consider friend - I needed a router (mine absolutely failed) and I’m unwilling to buy a lesser router and still wait a year for the supply chain from China to smooth out (if it does). This unit rocks in functionality. I’m very thankful that we have the means to buy it.

  • @UI-JT, Thank You!

  • @UI-JT Would product warranty still be in effect for a NEW unit purchased through one of these unauthorized resellers? My assumption is no...

    ETA: Nevermind. I read the warranty fine print, and it states the item must be from an authorized retailer.

  • Does Amplifi have anything in place to prevent resellers from scooping up the supply and reselling at double the price? Can we sign up to receive an item once it's in stock, like a pre-order? I would do this and be fine with waiting, especially if it meant it stopped these resellers from price gouging... I've been a Ubiquiti user for years and this is the first time this has happened.

  • @Rob-Widdick Currently we are limiting orders to 1 unit to avoid this.

  • I have attempted to "report" every price gouging Alien on eBay. Every. Single. One. Not sure it will help at all, but it can't hurt.

  • @UI-JT We’d really appreciate that. Is there any word or upcoming units?

  • @Richard-Luchs I’m in the same boat having stalked the product for longer than I can believe now. Apparently, they are also saying that eBay purchased units will not have any warranty, which is hard to believe - given that they are still new. Nonetheless, a warning was posted on this community a few weeks back stating this.

  • @Rob-Widdick Several people have asked for any sort of a pre-order system - we’d be willing to put down a deposit or whatever. That way we wouldn’t be competing with bots and whatnot. But they cannot seem to set that up, sadly. I’d sign up in a minute - and I know there are tons of other users who would also. I’d love it if they could figure this out, especially in this crazy time.

  • @UI-JT, once stock comes in, I was Hoping to purchase 2 of the LCD routers instead of buying the Mesh 2-pack. The ability to check upload/download speeds real-time would be more accurate for me than depending on an App.

  • @Richard-Luchs They are in stock now

  • @UI-JT And done... gone in minutes lol

  • @MichaelE Sorry if you missed! I will keep you posted when we get more.

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