• I have Frontier Fios 500/500 with the provided Frontier Wifi Router (garbage). Can I go directly from the Frontier ONT to the Amplifi Gamer's Edition instead of piggy backing off of the Frontier Router like I currently do?

  • @Chad-Diskin I have never personally used FIOS, so I cannot give you a concrete answer, however if your Verizon equipment is a router, and not a modem router combo, and their router is not needed for Telephone or TV services, I don't see why you would not be able to swap the two. You may want to confirm with Verizon, and if not you can ask them if their device can be placed in Bridge Mode or not. Then we will know exactly how to configure your AmpliFi router.

  • @Chad-Diskin Did you ever try this and how did it go?

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