Connect computer to teleport?

  • How can i connect my computer to the teleport app connection on my phone?

  • @Swede76 You cannot, you would need to connect a computer to an AmpliFi router, using the Router to Router Teleport feature.

  • What's the difference between the Teleport Hardware and the Teleport app?... Is there a difference?... Do you need both for Teleport to work?...

  • Do you need both for Teleport to work?

    Hi @N-M-156 - no, they are independent solutions

    What's the difference between the Teleport Hardware and the Teleport app?... Is there a difference?

    The Hardware Teleport is a portable Layer 2 protocol device that can be paired to an HD or Instant router (not compatible with Alien) for remote access
    It has only a single Ethernet port which you can use to access the WAN through a remote router, or if you connect to the WAN via a wireless network or portal (success can very at some hotels and locations), the Ethernet port can provide LAN access to your home network
    Essentially if you can get the HW Teleport on the internet you have a remote MeshPoint from your home network
    (note the L2 access is important to some people and applications)

    The Teleport App works only on iOS and Android devices and can connect to any AmpliFi router (including Alien) for VPN access
    It is optional if you want this VPN to only access the internet from your home location, or to give it access to devices on your home network
    However, this is not a L2 solution, so it works via the home router as a proxy
    Works great for things like video streaming

    Router-to-Router Teleport is very similar to the Teleport app, but you need an AmpliFi router at the remote end to be in a DHCP NAT mode (the home router can be in Bridge mode)
    Double NAT does work for R2R Teleport if you already have a primary router at the remote location, but the network will be isolated
    R2R Teleport connections also remain persistent until your close them, so they survive reboots at either end, etc.

  • @Derek-Saville Thanks for quick reply... Looking forward to that solution... Just have to score a Teleport hardware device...

  • hello i have a question i can't understand
    I have my imac and if I have an alien amplifier connected by RJ45 cable, can I have a vpn working? or is it only for mobile phones? Thank you

  • @Derek-Saville Can one use the app on an iOS device, then set up the iOS device as a hotspot, then connect a laptop to that hotspot and gain access to the VPN?

  • Hi @Matthew-Leeds - unfortunately the Teleport app does not work over a hotspot on iOS

    The only way to broadcast a Teleport connection to my knowledge is the original HW Teleport device, or a Router-to-Router setup

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