Bridge connected to Amplify via wifi needs to be restarted every time computer (Ethernet) is turned on.

  • I have an Amplifi HD router with 2 mesh points. I have a computer that doesn't have working wifi, but does have working Ethernet. I have an Apple Airport Express set up to join the existing Wifi network and the computer connected to that via Ethernet. When I turn the computer on it is unable to connect to the internet. If I restart the Airport Express, then I can connect to the internet. Sometimes it will later lose the connection after several hours, requiring the Airport Express to be restarted again.

    I was using this same exact setup with the Airport Express connecting to an existing Wifi network and the computer connected to it via Ethernet with an Apple Time Capsule with zero issues for a couple years. I only switched to the Amplifi HD to fix what I thought was too weak a signal in some parts of my house. I also tried an IOGear Wifi to Ethernet adapter and had the same results, except it would lose the connection after only a couple hours, almost guaranteed. I think this is an issue with the Amplifi HD router. Does anyone know how I can get this working properly? I have set up the computer with a static IP address and that doesn't help. Thanks for the help.

  • @mike-halper Same problem here... Did you receive any solution?

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