Amplifi Alien turns off after certain time, possibly overheating

  • I received my Amplifi Alien this morning, and then updated the firmware to the latest available (3.6.*). Since plugging in, I noticed it getting significantly warm to the touch. And it shuts off after 15-30 minutes of operation (demo - ). Initially I thought it was loose connection (even though the same outlet setup has been in use flawlessly for over 2 years). Then even after using separate power outlet it kept happening. Once I give it ample time, it is able to turn on.

    Now that I think about it, I think it is overheating and that is causing shutdown. When it is in shutdown state for ample time, it cools down and automatically turns on. Now I have disconnected it and reconnected my old router - it works without any such issue, so no loose power cable. After disconnecting it, upon inspection I noticed there was some burning tire smell coming off the vents. FYI, the router was on top of a shelf with absolutely noting blocking normal airflow.

    After waiting for this router for ~2 months, this is really disappointing and disheartening.

  • The latest available firmware for the Alien should be 3.3.1 - that said, what you’re describing is not normal.
    Sorry about that, but I’m sure UBNT will chime in and help you get this resolved or replaced as soon as they can.

  • Somehow after editing the initial post with a link to a demo video, it's not showing it. So, here is the link -

  • ...updated the firmware to the latest available (3.6.*)

    Hi @Sudipta-Karmakar - can you confirm that you have firmware version 3.6.x?

    We have not seen Alien firmware past v3.3.1

    AmpliFi will probably want this unit back for diagnosis so you might want to contact @UI-Brett and do an RMA

  • I think you are right. I don't remember the exact revision number. I saw the major version as 3. Anyway, it was the latest available on April 25th, 2020.

  • Hi @Sudipta-Karmakar - one previous user reported the Ethernet jacks in the back of the Alien getting very very hot

    Is that the case for you as well?

  • No. I didn't have any such issues. Especially because initially I was getting it to run for ~25 mins and I noticed it getting hot. Now, I don't see it running beyond 8-10 mins.

    Moreover, I had a chat with support last evening (April 26, EST). On their suggestion, I tried factory reset. Nothing changed. No other solution has been provided so far.

  • @Sudipta-Karmakar I would like to get your unit specifically for testing. I have sent you a DM.

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