QoS & profiles in bridge mode

  • In my network configuration I use the amplifi behind another router, so I use the amplifi in bridge mode for wifi only.
    Usually I have to manage wifi profiles and QoS in the router itself, but I guess it will be very useful to use the settings in the amplifi app, because it is much more comfortable than to log in to the router and do the settings for the wifi there if this i technically possible.

  • Placing AmpliFi in Bridge Mode basically hands off the “routing” job to another device upstream, to like another router. This is to prevent double NAT and other conflicting network conditions. So by disabling AmpliFi from “managing” your network in order to give that job to another device on the network how is it suppose to QoS prioritize? It would need some sort of DHCP handout and NAT to prioritize the packets and with another router on the network would create a conflicting condition/environment.

    Your best options are, place your ISP equipment in a “Bridge” mode or “Passthrough” mode and have AmpliFi then manage the network. Or check if you can bypass your ISP’s equipment all together and have the AmpliFi handle everything (best option).

  • ...how is it suppose to QoS prioritize?

    Hi @Tony-Penev - the same way they implemented Guest access in Bridge mode

    There is no reason AmpliFi couldn't implement the same QoS prioritization of WiFi clients and/or Profiles + Parental Controls on a client level, other than the time and resources to do it

  • @Derek-Saville That would be confusing VLAN with QoS. Guest Network acts like a VLAN it’s just another subnet on the network to segregate clients/devices. Doesn’t do any prioritization.

  • Hi @Tony-Penev - correct, but AmpliFi can also manage clients on a device level and prioritize packets going to the WAN side of the Bridge mode if they chose to put the resources into implementing it (which is highly unlikely)

  • @Tony-Penev
    Ok, I understand the QoS things, but the things with profiles should be possible in my opinion, just regulating the wifi times for the different family members, shouldn't it?

    Can't put my fritzbox in bridgemode, probably passthrough will work, haven't tried yet.
    Cannot bypass it completely, because my telephone does not work otherwise.
    fritz box manages the sip profiles of my ISP and pass them trough to the different numbers of analogue and dect phones.

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