LAN port constant connect / disconnect

  • Aplifi HD, been running it for almost 2 years now. 3 mesh points as well. My LAN ports are connected as:

    1. iMac
    2. PC
    3. Xbox
    4. DVR home camera recorder

    Last week my iMac suddenly would start to disconnect, and then reconnect every 45 seconds. (wi-fi on iMac is OF3, I only use wired connection). It would reconnect, assign itself to the same address, and connect for about 45 seconds or so, and then disconnect for about 20 seconds, and reconnect. Never had an issue before, just happened out of nowhere.

    Thinking maybe it's the cable (not sure how they "go bad" but fine, I replace the cable. No improvement. I switch it from port #1 to port #2, and great, all is working fine.

    This morning I turn on the Xbox in port #3. And low and behold it is doing the exact same thing. Worked fine last night. Not today though. Disconnect, connect, disconnect, connect.

    So I switch #3 and #4. Wholla, all is good again.

    What is making these LAN ports suddenly stop working, and yet swapping devices make them work again?

  • @Devan-Kadwish This is strange behavior that I can't explain by just reading your description, but you can generate support files for us to review to try and identify what's exactly happening.

  • @Devan-Kadwish I'm having the same issue when it comes to disconnects and reconnecting on my LAN port.. I'll try swapping ports..

    Also, my wireless is stable there is no disconnects on wireless just LAN

  • I have a similar issue. I also had the intermittent connection/disconnects, but it has progressed to not working at all anymore.

    The last few months my ethernet port #4 has been unstable, and it died this weekend.
    Had my main PC connected there, moved it to port #3, instantly worked.
    Moved my Xbox to port #4 for verification, lost connection. Had to move it to my switch on port #2.
    Port #1 is also working.
    Should I expect the other ports to fail soon as well? Or is this a firmware issue?

  • @Thomas-Aasebø If the port does not work, (sounds like you have verified this by swapping devices) I would suggest submitting a warranty claim for your product.

  • As of today (apx 9 days since swapping) I haven't had any duplicate issues. So Im not able to run the diagnostic test as it's not duplicating the same problem. The port that was originally bad when it had the iMac in it, seems to be fine now that it has a DVR instead. The Xbox which stopped working on port 3 seems to be fine in port 2. Makes no sense.
    If it starts to reproduce itself again, I will keep the source connected and run the diagnostic as described.

  • Well it's back. This morning I sit down at the desk, and ports 2, 3, and 4 are not working. Port 1 is okay.

    Nothing has changed hardware wise since the last problems.

    I rolled back the firmware as previously suggested by users.

    I then did a factory reset of the HD.

    Port 1 is good to go. 2, 3, and 4 still no response.

    So I checked 1 device and port at a time. I tried multiple devices into port 1 (iMAC, XBOX, ROUTER and DVR). Each device worked when connected to port #1. However if I plugged any of those devices into 2, 3, or 4, I would get no response.

    So this time I plugged a device (xbox) into port 1. I then assigned it a static IP. (106.2) I then moved it to port 4. AND IT WORKED.

    I then plugged the iMAC into port #1. It worked. I then assigned it a static IP. (106.3) moved it to port 3. AND IT WORKED.

    Plugged DVR into port #1. It worked. I then assigned it a static IP. (106.4) moved it to port 2. IT DID NOT WORK. Moved it back to port #1. Worked again.

    Lastly, plugged router into port #2. *** Port 1 is working. Port 3 is working. Port 4 is no longer working. Port 2 is not working. Removed router from port #2. Port 4 started working again. (This is like playing a puzzle game!) Removed router and Xbox. Plugged router into port #4, the router works! Nothing is in Port 2, so I try the XBox. It does not work, and now kills Port #4.

    So... looks like if anything is in Port #2, it wont work AND it will stop anything in Port #4 from working. Port #2 is definitely DEAD.

    Plugged the router back into Port #4, left #2 empty, and plugged the xbox Into the router itself. Poof, all is working again. Except the fact that I have a dead port.

    Left it at rollbacked firmware. Have not updated it and wont until I see or hear from someone on the Aplifi side advising to do so.

  • @Devan-Kadwish I don't think firmware is related in any way, I think its hardware related from the last time as well. I would still suggest an RMA to replace this unit.

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