feature request: add IPv6 to preferred DNS resolvers

  • Hello,

    The addition of IPv6 support to v2.2.0 in June was much welcomed.

    One niggle is that Amplifi preferred DNS resolver config. still only permit IPv4 addresses. Could IPv6 preferred DNS resolvers be added to a future release?

    Yogi P on a support chat today suggested this forum to post a feature enhancement. Request was previously noted on the Reddit /Amplifi forum post from June.

    Use case, for me, is substituting OpenDNS resolvers for the ISP's. Attempting to add OpenDNS IPv6 resolver addresses (2620:0:ccc::2, 2620:0:ccd::2), instead of or in addition to their IPv4 addresses returns "Invalid address".
    So my LAN hosts end up with the preferred OpenDNS IPv4 resolvers plus the ISP's IPv6 resolvers, which is suboptimal. My workaround since June has been to configure the Amplifi in bridge mode and use an external router (Mikrotik).


  • @a-j-klopp IPv4 resolvers should be able to answer IPv6 queries no?

  • Yes, but not the issue.

    Want the Amplifi DNS prefs to allow IPv4 and IPv6 settings, so OpenDNS gets all queries, not just those over IPv4.

  • +1 for separate IPV6 DNS setup option. Just switched to quad9.net and would like to have all my IPV6 DNS traffic covered as well 🙂

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