Amplifi VPN?

  • Do all Amplifi products come with the free Amplifi VPN? Thinking of purchasing an Instant for my parents and would like to get them set up with a VPN if at all possible.

  • To piggy back this question, what is the range on a Amplifi Instant with NO meshpoints? I can't seem to find any information on ranges of standalone routers with no meshpoints.

  • @TheKnetwork The AmpliFi Teleport feature can give you VPN access back and forth between your parents house, and your house if you have an AmpliFi network in your home as well. More details for all the Teleport features can be found Here.

    The AmpliFi Instant stand alone router has a max range of 2,000 sq ft.

  • @UI-Brett said in Amplifi VPN?:

    AmpliFi Teleport

    Hi from what i understand AmpliFi Teleport is setting up a tunnle between a device and my home network but it do not setup a vpn tunnle between my AmpliFi router and my outside internet. Right? So if you want a Secure connection between your house AmpliFi Router and the outside world the Teleport do not solve this. If we have a vpn client can get a secure tunnle from our house and the outside world.

  • @Pierre-Fransson That is correct, Teleport is designed to give you a secure connection back to your home network, not mask or place your connection elsewhere when you are at home (unless its at another known and configured connection with the Teleport Router to Router feature).

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