Paypal denies Desktop after Update

  • I have had 2 system updates, one is anti-virus/security software, the first was Amplifi. After one of these, PayPal is denying access to my desktop. I can reach PayPal through the phone. PayPal's customer service is greatly diminished at this moment, so I am looking into to these two potential issues.

    PayPal email had suggested a network issue. My desktop is wired to the cable modem.

  • @David-Layton said in Paypal denies Desktop after Update:

    My desktop is wired to the cable modem

    No to AmpliFi?

    If you have a double NAT, essentially two routers on the network this could be causing issues. I doubt this issue is because of your AmpliFi updating, but a quick test to rule it out would be to run a firmware rollback on AmpliFi by following the steps HERE.
    If it does not resolve the issue, update AmpliFi and check other settings within your desktop AV and firewall.

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