Slow Microsoft Teams Screen sharing

  • I have 2 Alien's setup as a mesh, the device I'm having Teams Screen sharing issues with is connected to the Mesh device via ethernet. I seem to be the only one on the teams call that can't share their screen without a 16-30 second delay. Voice and Video works just fine. Is the Router slowing that type of packet down? I've read that ethernet connected devices receive priority over anything else. Any Ideas? I think I've narrowed it down to the routers, didn't have the issue until I replaced my old system. Downstream works fine with someone else sharing, its my upstream share that gets delayed.

  • @mamajek Anyone? Zoom, Skype all work fine sharing screens, but not Teams. Any ideas?

  • @mamajek This is the first report of this issue happening that I have seen, and I personally don't use Teams so I have no experience with it. If nobody else does, or reports anything similar, you can generate a support file from AmpliFi right after you experience the issue and we can look into it on our end.

  • @UI-Brett Thanks for the reply.

    Could a CAT-5 ethernet cable be the issue? When I replaced the cable with a CAT-6 cable, the problem disappeared. I have not retested, with the old cable yet. Two many variables are changing at one time..

  • @mamajek It could have been, with a Cat 5 speed being limited to 100 Mbps

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