Why speed performance is so slow

  • Hello,
    Please see attached pictures for reference.
    I purchased an AmpliFi Alien Router from eBay.

    I have followed instruction to do the set up very carefully.

    The speed shows very slow which compare with the router I am now. As you can see in the pictures mine speed is more higher than this AmpliFi ALIEN Router 802.11ax Wi-Fi 6 and the speed performance has big difference.

    When I tested these routers, I have FIOS internet service from Frontier. Under same condition: same internet modem, same CAT 7 cable, Same power outlet... and by the way this AmpliFi Alien router body tempurture was high. (98. F) when testing. The other router I had is Linksys AX5300 wi-fi 6.

    According to many AmpliFi Alien wi-fi 6 router reviews from website, I don't understand why this happened as the speed performance is so slow.
    The AmpliFi Alien wi-fi 6 router's speed performance should be better than Linksys AX5300 wi-fi 6 router.

    I feel something went wrong about this router. Can you give me any comment or advise? Why the speed performance has big difference?


  • A couple of things I would look at, what firmware is your Alien currently running? Is the slow throughput experienced on wired or wireless devices?

  • @Tony-Penev 3.3.1 / wired. speed test from router itself.
    From my phone, speedtest.net

  • There has been some current ongoing issues with the latest firmwares for Alien and HD. Can you try to roll back to firmware v3.2.5 and check for throughput speed?

    You can find AmpliFi's rollback directions here.

  • @Tony-Penev said in Why speed performance is so slow:

    firmware v3.2.5

    I checked and can not firmware v3.2.5
    Is there any way I can try to roll back firmware v3.2.5? find a UI tech engineer person?

  • Hi @Neil-Chen - rollback has not been implemented on the Alien routers yet

    You can send a direct Chat message to @UI-Brett and request a link to download a previous firmware and then install it manually

    But your high case temperature would be a concern

    Alien router body tempurture was high. (98. F)

  • @Neil-Chen said in Why speed performance is so slow:

    Alien router body tempurture was high. (98. F)

    This temperature is considered normal, under a higher workload, the outside of the unit can reach upwards of 40. C.

    Sorry @Neil-Chen, but I do not see any pictures so I am not sure what speeds you are referencing. What speed do you have from Frontier, what are your speeds on Alien hardwired and wireless?

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