Smart Home Door Bell

  • Like UniFi, AmpliFi could be a system too? A smart home system is coming?

    One of these smart home devices I see very useful would be a smart door bell, with camera inside, so people can view the outside on cell phone (preferably talking through it as well), so that people don't have to get to the door to open it (remotely open it through app).

    If U-Labs could have some cool technology like faceID in new iPhone X so family memebers don't need to knock the door at all (opens for selected faces), it would be better, but that might take too hard to implement? Even without FaceID, opening door with a cell phone app could save the key.

    Also, installation could be challenging (with power cable or internet cable). Internet could be on wifi, but I am not sure battery will be enough for this? Ideally, it should be DIY (do it yourself) since people don't want to spend extra for installations unless it is modeling a new home.

    If it is just view and talk (no function to open the door), it would be easier to install. If it needs to open the door through app, it would probably have to require professional install since the door lock has to be changed as well (in that case, it is no longer a door bell, more like a electronic door lock).

  • This is one (amazon best seller) is pretty expensive, but it works with Alexa. But AmpliFi user might have more reasons to choose one from AmpliFi: no separate app on smart phone, may display something on existing router piece (guess resolution isn't high enough to display real video on it), potentially cheaper.

  • In fact, can security camera be used as doorbell too? Like a camera-doorbell combo.

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