Internet Priority setting bug causes system wide wireless network crash

  • I have reported this issue to Ubiquiti back when I stumbled upon it around firmware 3.1.0 with no resolution so far, it still affects the horrendous v3.3.0 on top of its problems. No matter what internet Priority setting you have selected, i.e. Latency or Throughput, this bug will cause some system settings to reset/revert to default and take down your whole wireless Wi-Fi network temporarily.

    Basically steps to reproduce:

    1. Login to the AmpliFi router via a web browser and the routers IP address.

    2. Change any setting under the Advanced Settings area and click on Save & Continue at the bottom to apply the changes.

    3. Open the AmpliFi app on a mobile device and select the router, you'll notice that the Priority area is now set or reverted to Latency if you had Throughput mode selected.

    4. Select Priority and change it from Latency to Throughput and the system will proceed to do the speed test following the Priority mode change.

    5. The speed test will begin by testing your latency by a spinning animation on screen. Wait a few seconds and the whole screen on the app will blank out white, at this point your wireless Wi-Fi network has crashed and your devices will lose connectivity, including the mobile device you are using to run the speed test. The screen will refresh with the AmpliFi app looking for your AmpliFi router/hardware on your network.

    6. About one minute after your wireless devices will begin to reconnect to your Wi-Fi network. All will seem like it is back to normal but if you now navigate back to the AmpliFi app and select the router, under Internet settings Hardware NAT if was enable prior to the network crash now has reverted to disabled. Inside the Advanced menu under Wireless settings if you had Automatic channel selection disabled and manually selected a 2.4GHz or 5GHz channel it has now reverted back to Automatic channel selection.

    And the most frustrating thing is that if you try to select a Priority mode again, i.e. Latency or Throughput this most likely will repeat again since it is random it effectively makes AmpliFi's internet Priority mode setting a broken feature that's extremely aggravating since us end users paid a premium for QoS like this but basically bought a black paint job.

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