Guest network settings bug causes system wide wireless network crash

  • I have experienced this wireless network bug that causes my wireless network to go down temporarily by using the AmpliFi mobile app on firmware 3.1.2 and later.

    Steps to reproduce: make sure Guest network is inactive.

    1. Using the AmpliFi mobile app navigate to the router's Advanced Wireless settings and disable Automatic channel selection and manually select a 2.4GHz and 5GHz channel and apply settings.

    2. Return to the main AmpliFi mobile app page and select "Guest" along the bottom middle area. With the guest network inactive, tap the red minus "-" button to set 0 max guests that could connect (even though it's turned off). Then tap the green plus "+" button to set max guests to infinite "∞" and wait a few seconds, a small blue banner at the top should appear stating "connection timed out".

    3. The AmpliFi app screen blanks out white, wireless network goes down and devices lose connectivity. Network will return after about 30 sec to a minute with devices reconnecting to the network. All will seem back to normal.

    4. Navigate back to Advance Wireless settings in the AmpliFi mobile app and you'll notice your manually selected wireless channels are gone and Automatic channel selection has reverted back to enabled.

    This bug/glitch breaks wireless network and channel selection.

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