Ethernet printer not accessible over wifi

  • Hi, I have a Brother MFC7360N connected to one of the ethernet ports on my Amplifi router. The app detects it and I can also detect it over wifi but I cannot access it at all - neither printing nor doing a system check.
    Any ideas?

  • @skibum I have used a Brother printer before, and I constantly had to clear the network settings in the Brother printer, don't know why, but when I gave the printer to a family member with a completely different network setup, they experienced the same thing.

    Some printers will also rely on their control software on a PC/Mac to manage, is that what you are using when it fails a system check? Network wise, if it can be seen on the app, and devices can ping the printer successfully we know the communication is open, its just means of finding why jobs cannot be sent.

    Just a thought I remembered from mine, when I was having issues I could only get the printer to talk one way. So for example, I could not print, but I could scan to a PC. Can you test to see if you can get either function to work?

    Best thing I think you could do is factory reset your printer and start the setup from scratch, especially if it was configured on a different network prior to AmpliFi.

  • I've had multiple printers that have needed to have a power cycle reset after they went to sleep. They'd get into a funny network situation where they wouldn't recover from when waking up. No clue what the problem was. And it's been with a variety of printers (Dell, Brother, and a couple others as well). And they've been on drastically different networks (Amplifi, Netgear, Ubiquiti, Cisco, maybe more?).

    The only real common denominator has been me. 😨

  • Hey, thanks guys.
    I did finally solve it late last night by resetting the network settings on the printer. Never had to do it before but it worked a treat and it picked up the IP address properly.

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