Block WAN Ping

  • Would like to add this topic (similar to Stealth Mode post) in order to draw attention to getting this as a basic security feature, even if it is not something you can turn off. I recently switched ISP's and went from using my HD mesh setup in bridge mode to now making it my main router. I am nervous right now as I have IoT devices on my LAN and there is very little visibility into the security settings as a router. This one being the one that scares me the most.

  • @canuckletech said in Block WAN Ping:
    Thank you for sharing this feature request! I will add your vote

    I have IoT devices on my LAN
    Users have been placing IoT devices on the guest network for isolation, and a feature we released a few versions back allow for devices on the primary network to communicate with guest network devices, which maintains functionality and adds to security. I suggest this configuration if you are worried about the serurity options available to you right now within AmpliFi.

  • +1 for block WAN icmp echo

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