How to turn OFF WLAN at night time?

  • Hello - how to turn OFF WLAN at night time?

  • @ampzilla Currently this feature has not been implemented into AmpliFi and is a feature thats has been requested. I will add your vote to this feature request.

  • Seriously?
    Any $15 router can do this - what is the point then to time schedule the (pretty useless) LED illumination while WIFI can not be switched off over night? 😱

  • How about beeing honest to your customer and explain that scheduled WIFI off can NOT be implemented due the lack of technical possibilities (e.g. poor design) ?

  • If you provide them with a use case, it’ll help them to understand why it’s so important to you. For me, I don’t have an issue with WiFi being on 24/7 so I’d be interested to know why you would want to turn it off. If may be that you can achieve the desired effect using profiles

  • how about „energy saving“ or „less emp at night“ for people sensitive to this matter?
    but it is a fruitless discussion since this feature can not be implemented due flaws in the circuit design of the Ubiquiti Amplifi products...

  • @ampzilla I am interested to know following 2 , hope I will get a straight forward answer from ampzilla.

    1. how many KWH will you save in a month by turning if off at night.... lets say for 8 hours a day.
    2. point me to a link to a $15 router that does this job, along with all the other things that a ubiquity router does.


  • @UM: i am not going to answer to someone who twist and bends other peoples sentences away from the initial topic.

    still: wifi off at night time is a „no-brainer“ - 99% of the wifi routers out in the market today are capable of this, some even provide a separate switch on the case for this matter.
    The UAHD has a touch display, but such a standby function is also not available.

  • ...wifi off at night time is a „no-brainer“ - 99% of the wifi routers out in the market today are capable of thiss

    Hi @ampzilla - are you sure all of those router models are physically powering down the radios to zero emission?

    Most (not all) routers that I have owned have had options such as parental controls to restrict WiFi access, and few powered off the radios

    But I understand your request, and many have asked (myself included) for the ability to turn off the radios, albeit for different reasons

    One problem is that the AmpliFi routers are primarily designed to form mesh networks, and they fundamentally rely on continuous connections

    A quick check of other mesh routers and some had options to turn off WiFi, although it wasn’t clear if this meant powering off the radios, and some allowed telnet access to the core OS to power down a radio, but it wasn’t a simple user friendly action

    More traditional standalone routers seem to have more options to turn off WiFi / radios, but in a world where everything is becoming even more connected (lightbulbs, appliances, etc.) it may get harder to eliminate EMR in the environment before it gets easier

    It would be nice if AmpliFi provided a standalone router operating mode option, but that seems unlikely as long as they primarily focus on mesh technology

  • @Derek-Saville
    Hello Derek, thank you for your constructive posting regarding this topic. I did own lots of wifi routers of regular brands where i could test the WiFi switching off with a electromagnetic radiation tester. In fact, WiFi radiation was not measurable during the „off“ time of the WiFi signal - this, as expected, it would make no sense to implement such a feature without the proper function. I understand, that with mesh components it can be difficult to build up proper signaling again, but i use the UAHD as astandalone WiFi router. As a fallback (when mesh connection problem occurs) the setup to „normal“ (without the WiFi signal off at night) could still be a option - given, the the Amplifi HD really COULD switch off the WiFi signal.
    What i do not like at all is the fact, that Ubiquiti gives no clear statement regarding the Amplifi components if it COULD be possible to have this feature at all, they let people hanging on since years. It would be honest to speak out clear that the Amplifi products can simply NOT be switched of at night with their WiFi signal due flaws in the initial design. Let people wait over years and years is just not acceptable.

  • @ampzilla I was sincerely hoping to get the answers of those 2 simple questions, so the rationale behind the request could be understood.

  • problem solved:

  • @ampzilla Is this healthy for the router?
    To be shutdown and getting errors

  • @ampzilla I tried searching for that thing, but couldn’t find it. Do you have a URL where one can buy it ?

  • @UI-Brett Dear developers, so many people have written a request, I want to join them! Make it possible to turn off the Wi-Fi radio modules. I would like to see a scheduled shutdown of Wi-Fi, as well as a forced shutdown via a button in the application. I think it would be logical that the user could choose in the application what the router should do by long pressing the screen. Connect new devices or turn off Wi-Fi. I beg you, please do it. I have a router which is 7 and 10 years old, this function is already there.

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