removing a "DEVICE" from Amplifi. THere is a device called Shenzhen Netcom Android, which I DID NOT add. It just appeared. I changed my ROUTER PW and put the device on PAUSE. Is there anyway to REMOVE IT?

  • @Bruce-Hicks Devices will only appear in this list if they have joined the network via WiFi credentials, or are hardwired into the network. WIth a lot of smart home devices, they do not appear in the list with their name, more so the wireless card manufacturer name (in this case, that's what Shenzhen produces I would assume).
    The only way to remove a device, is to remove it from the network and wait for the cache to clear. Please check your smart home devices, and other wireless devices to see if you can narrow down what is connected.

  • @UI-Brett they actually do not disappear 🙂 I submitted an improvement request a couple of months ago to have this feature implemented.

    The only way to remove devices that I know of, is to factory reset the router.


  • @UI-Brett your response is definitely wrong. I have devices that I know for an absolute fact have not connected to my router for over a year. They still show up when I am looking at device lists under my groups as potential items to add.

    An example is my in law's iPhones. They literally have not been here in a year. I removed the from the group long ago. But they still show up as being able to be selected and added to any group.

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