Network set up question

  • I have an Amplifi HD kit for about three years. I have never messed with it until yesterday. Long story short, I completed a factory reset and ensured router and both mesh points were up and running after discovering the APP to set everything up.

    Here is my problem: The location of both mesh points are mapped as too far from the router. The first mesh point signal level is -75dBm. The second mesh point signal level is -76 dBm.

    According to the APP, the perfect location for the mesh points are about 12 feet from the router.

    However the internet connection indicator on my Roku, cellphone, and Chromebook all indicate "excellent signal". That is the same from the basement TV, XBOX, and Roku.

    When I disconnect the two mesh points, everything shows two bars and the cellphone will not connect to Wifi in the basement.

    I have hardwired ports to my ISP modem. Should I by another router and plug directly in the router and use separately (upstairs router and downstairs router)? You would have to switch Wifi networks whether you were upstairs or down in the basement.


  • Hi @johnlmaddock3 - is the HD router from the kit near your ISP modem?

    You can add a standalone HD router to your network using hardwired Ethernet backhaul which will form a larger mesh of the single network so no need to switch WiFi as you roam around your house

    But you need to connect the WAN port on the additional standalone router to a LAN port on your primary HD router from the kit

    Devices in the basement can then also use the Ethernet ports at full speed on the additional HD router in the basement if that might benefit them

    You can also still use the MeshPoints from the kit if needed, but I would recommend starting with them offline first and add them back as necessary

  • Thanks for the response. I have read about this but I don't think I can do it based on my home's configuration.

    I have seven rooms with single wired ports to them. The ports from each room leads back to the basement mechanical room where my ISP modem is located. It has 4 Ethernet ports. One port is used for the Amplifi Router.

    I do not see how I could connect the two Amplifi Routers without running another line.

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