• I would like the Teleport app to Auto-connect when it lost the connection.

  • @Simon-Plamondon-roy The VPN tunnel is created based on its current connection, and is not relied upon a configuration being saved for connection like the Teleport hardware was. For this reason, it is quicker by far to connect and reconnect to any network, wifi or LTE, but will require the user to toggle the connection on and off when needed.

  • @UI-Brett most VPN app try to re connect when we lost the connection. I understand that some users may don’t want this but for me is really annoying.

  • Something I would also like is a come back of the Teleport hardware.

  • I would also like this feature but would also love a feature (as other VPN apps have) that auto-connects when not connected to a "trusted" network. For example, if I connect to public wifi, it would be great if Teleport automatically connected so that my connection is encrypted and protected from sniffers.

  • The problem with all this "geekness" is I'd like to set Teleport up on my wife's devices and know it's being used when she leaves the house. Currently Teleport disconnects when attached to my Amplifi. And doesn't auto correct when not. There is no prayer of expecting her to remember to turn Teleport on when she or I leave the house. Honestly most of the time I don't think about it either.

    Currently I'm using PIA as I can be sure it's running when my wife leaves this house.

    Would very much like to stop paying PIA, but until Teleport is more consistent, I can't.

    Is there any chance Teleport will ever fill that need? Until then it is of no use to me.

  • @Christopher-Dubea

    Any thoughts on this? My PIA renewal is in January. Sure would be nice to be able to use Amplfi, but I absolutely have to have to have the auto connect.

  • @Christopher-Dubea As of this moment, this feature is not being worked on or implemented and is still marked as a request. It is not likely that it will be implemented by January.

  • @UI-AmpliFi

    Well that is unfortunate, but thank you for being honest about it.

  • @Christopher-Dubea

    On a related topic, is this something that could be accomplished with Tasker, or similar app?

  • With auto-connect being an industry standard for VPN’s, it’s surprising that Teleport does NOT use it, nor is it being looked by AMPLIFI. Without that critical, industry-standard feature, Teleport isn’t very useful at all.

  • Teleport isn’t very useful at all.

    Hi @Richard1864 - there is a community of expat users that find Teleport EXTREMELY useful as it is

  • I haven't got much to add, but like others are saying it would be great if the Teleport App could be set to automatically connect reconnect regardless of what connection it has.

    I've used things like OpenVPN/Palo Alto Global Protect/Fortinet Forticlient and they generally re-establish VPN connectivity if your network drops out or you change to another network. Generally I won't go out of my way to manually reconnect Teleport and keep checking if it's working or not, I'll just forget 🙂

  • Add my vote for Auto Connect too...

    If not having Auto Connect for the app makes the feature 'useless' for some users, then I hope AmpliFi can improve it (along with all of the other requested improvements it needs)

    HW Teleport at least tried to automatically reconnect most of the time, but the likelihood was iffy at best

    Router-to-Router Teleport has been solidly persistent across anything thrown at it - would actually be nice to have an easier way to shut it off other than going into the main app and closing the connection

    But the Teleport app without Auto Connect is far from 'useless' for other users

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