Spectrum + AmplifiHD = slow wifi

  • I have Spectrum 400Mbps service for a while now and while working at home the lagging and slow performance has reached a point that makes it tough to use with AmplifiHD.

    My Setup:
    Spectrum Modem - Hitron E31N2V1
    AmplifiHD v3.3.0 firmware - plugged from WAN Port into Ethernet on back of E31N2V1
    2x Amplifi Meshpoint HD v3.3.0 firmware - both connected 5Ghz to AmlifiHD with Good status

    The best upload speeds I have ever hit are 100Mbps, but normally around 50-60 and sometimes as woeful as 20Mbps. The wifi strength is always good or better due to meshpoints but speed is DREADFUL.

    Added the Sagemcom RAC2V1S connected to an ethernet port (those always get 300+Mbps FYI) on the AmplifiHD.

    After adding the Sagemcom Wifi I can get 300+ easily anywhere in the house without the benefit of mesh!! Why did I spend $400+ on a router that gets pummeled by the default router that Spectrum gives me? I have seen the solution of putting the AmplifiHD into bridge mode - that is giving up, might as well have a paperweight that is in a nice white box with lots of wires.

    When is Ubiquiti going to resolve this issue?

  • Ed - Same. I have FIOS and the stock 5ghz is triple speeds. Bit of an embarrassment investing in this.

  • @Ed-Morris said in Spectrum + AmplifiHD = slow wifi:

    Hitron E31N2V1 Were you having this problem before updating to 3.3.0? I have not updated to that version because of too many reported problems. I work from home and do not need to spend time fixing a problem caused by an update.

    Additionally he Hitron modem may be the problem, not the AMPLIFI HD . I have the same 400Mbps service, an Arris modem and the AMPLIFI HD and I am getting the expected speed. I did some searching and there are reports that the Puma 7 chipset in the Hitron modem has caused a number of problems. The problem was supposed to have been corrected by now but may require a replacement to get an updated modem.

  • @Ed-Morris Other brands are also reporting issues with Spectrum, and for us it has been difficult to identify and isolate why the communications between some AmpliFi devices and the infrastructure on Spectrums side just does not work as desired.

    I was informed that Spectrum does not charge a rental fee for their equipment anymore, which could benefit certain environments greatly by using a modem/router combo device of theirs, allowing their equipment to manage the communication on their end. Then place AmpliFi in bridge mode to manage the Wi-Fi in your home.

  • @UI-Brett @James-Ford thank you for the replies. I am not willing to sacrifice the features in the AmplifiHD by putting it in bridge mode so I will try to see if i can make Spectrum give me another modem or use the Sagemcom Wifi and find a buyer for the AmplifiHD.

  • @Ed-Morris I recently had a similar issue with Spectrum. They installed a combo modem/router/WiFi, even though I specifically asked for modem only. Then, even though they had supposedly turned the router and WiFi off, the brand new AmpliFi router I installed had speed issues with firmware 3.1.2 and 3.3. After multiple calls and hours of testing, I finally got a tech to realize that their router hadn’t been put into bridge mode properly and once that was fixed, everything has been great. This was the fourth time speaking to someone about the issue and everyone I spoke to previously assured me over and over that everything was right on their end.

  • I get a whopping 150M at best with Spectrum gigabit on wifi, 900M on wired no problem. I have a Spectrum modem only so the Amplifi connects to it directly. My 802.11ac 2x2 and 3x3 devices all get from 85-150M. Actually the 3x3 is getting 90M and the 2x2 phone is getting 120M most places, 150M right in front of the unit. They gave me a router but I'm not using it.

    This AmplifiHD has been a big let down, and embarrassment, having spent $500 on this stuff.

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