Individual device Teleport accessing files

  • I have two locations, internal NATs of 192.168.123.* (location A) and 192.168.134.* (location B), for example. I want one computer in Location B to access the files of another computer in Location A.

    I have successfully set up the Teleport for the Location B device and it shows Connected, showing the Remote Router as the proper Location A. But I still have the 192.168.134.* address in DHCP pulls, I can't ping any computer in Location A, and I can't see the Location A computer in Network Discovery to get to the files.

    When using the Amplifi App in Remote access to Location A, I can see the Teleport connection along with an IP, but don't see how to apply that to the Location B computer (I tried setting a static IP/SN/GW/DNS to Location A's Amplifi but that didn't work).

    I would appreciate any advice or help.

  • Hi @UI-Brett - is this something that will not work because Router-to-Router Teleport is not L2?

    If so, will you be adding local Network Discovery capability to the 'proxy'?

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