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  • I have a notoriously tough time with my wifi setup at home. Most of this is because the entry point of the internet connection is on the outside wall of our living room, which is at the one end of the house. The third bedroom is at the complete opposite end with four walls in between ( with various other devices in between ).

    The master bedroom is also difficult because it’s on the same of the house as the living room, but about 100ft away and through the kitchen (imagine, living room, kitchen, then master in a row). The wall of the kitchen separates the master from the other two (open layout ).

    My best setup has been a three node system, with the router in the living room, one node in the Master and one more in the difficult room. This forms a triangle that covers the entire house ( tried both Orbi and Asus ZenWiFi).

    What would be the best placement of two Alien routers in this case, considering that one has to connect at the current entry location?

  • Hi @Robert-Jones - maybe try the 1st Alien in the living room at the entry point and move it as far into the home as feasible

    Then place the second Alien towards the center of the triangle you had before, biased away from main Alien

    Since it is heavily dependent on the environment, you may have to move it around to reasonable locations, checking both the coverage and the signal strength back to the main Alien router to find a balance

  • @Derek-Saville Thank you. Unfortunately moving the first router is just not possible. I need to call comcast and see if we can get it the access point moved to a more central location in the house.

  • Hi @Robert-Jones - it sounds like you have tried a few different solutions
    Is cost a primary factor?
    Since you are using Comcast, is your internet using a cable modem in the living room?

    Since your home is very difficult to cover with WiFi you might consider investing in a 75 ft (or longer) CAT 5E (or better) Ethernet cable for testing - they go as low as $10 to $15 on Amazon

    Then purchase a mesh router, like an Alien, from a retailer with a return policy, and place it in your home where it could cover the far end and still have good signal back to your living room, and just run the Ethernet cable temporarily on the floor back to your cable modem

    If you can get good coverage on the far end of your house and still have a good WiFi in your living room near the access point, then you can feel pretty confident that you can cover your home with 2 Aliens working in a mesh

    If not, then you probably need 3 Alien access points in the mesh, which you can create with 3 standalone Aliens, or one Alien Kit + one standalone Alien

    The Alien has a pretty good custom antenna for coverage so there is a pretty good chance you might only need 2 to cover your home

    But I would be sure I could return them before making a big investment

  • @Derek-Saville Running ethernet in this old house is only possible around the sides of the house and/or through the crawlspace. Unfortunately, the master is actually on a slab (old garage conversion), so I could only get it there via external. I have considered MoCa and tried, but I would need Comcast to come out and tell me which wiring is hot and what isn't. I tried connecting it the last time and there was no signal coming through.

    And yes, the cable modem is in the living room as well.

    I have an Alien coming tomorrow, so hopefully questions will be answered.

  • So I was able to get Comcast to move the entry point of the main router, which now comes into a more central location in the main living room.

    I’ve placed three nodes in various rooms in the house and now get good signal to each, but the throughput is limited by the system.

    My Alien router has arrived and I planned on installing it, but have been worried by some of the reports of slow speeds and other random issues that are occurring with 3.3.1. @UI-Brett @UI-JT i know you guys have been working with customers, are you making any headway in solving their speed issues ( as well as rebooting issues)?

    We’re in a full on WFH and study from home situation here, so dealing with faulty WiFi just isn’t something we can afford to play around with. If the solutions are still a ways away, it might be easier for me to return the units and wait for things to settle.

  • @Robert-Jones Hello, we have had some cases of disconnections and issues on 3.3.1, for now if your concerned about the possibility of having a disconnection I would not update to 3.3.1. We are always working to improve firmware, it help greatly when we have support logs confirming issues so we can get them to our developers.

  • @UI-JT Thanks for the quick response. Aren't the Aliens shipping with 3.3.1 installed at this point? Also, what is the theoretical maximum speed that the Alien can transmit to a WiFi 5 client? What about a WiFi 6 one?

    Thanks again for your help.

  • @Robert-Jones They may ship with 3.3.0 installed.

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