Amplifi Alien Advanced GUI

  • Hi Team,

    I would like to know if there is anything coming soon that would get this Amplifi Alien or a similar hardware, all the EdgeRouter advance settings?

    This product is great for a all in one solution and that’s what I’m looking for but what’s stopping me from buying one is that there is only standard features for network, if this hardware had all the EdgeRouter features this would be an awesome product, but without being able to create subnets, VLANs, Firewall rules,... this is just an Amplifi with Wifi 6, great hardware but really limited.

    Thanks a lot.

  • Hi @helder14 - have you looked into the UniFi Dream Machine?

    The UDM-SE is also rumored to be coming along with 802.11ax UAP’s

  • Hi @Derek-Saville , thank you for that for some reason I missed it, I have to admit that now I'm really struggling, because I want to buy it but the missing Wifi 6 is really stopping me from it.

  • Hi @helder14 - the rumored UDM-SE is also rumored to still be 801.11ac Wave2

    But 802.11ax UniFi access points have started showing up on the FCC site, so if your installation can include a UAP in the future then WiFi-6 is something you could just add on

  • Thanks @Derek-Saville that’s really interesting, would you know what would be the differences with the current UDM? I just saw a picture with touchscreen looking a little more like the alien, with 6 lan ports, 2 wans(which 1 is for optic fiber).


  • Hi @helder14 - yes, the rumored images show the additional ports and it is rumored to have PoE as well

    Then there is the potentially very 'Alien like' LCD, but I am not sure what else, other than it not being WiFI-6...the posts get taken down pretty quickly

    Alien coincidentally getting a very significant LCD visual redesign in the latest firmware release, in my opinion, lends credibility that the work was likely shared with another product, such as maybe a rumored UDM-SE???

    The other aspect of the UDM in general that may appeal to you is that it has a managed switch

  • Hi @Derek-Saville, that would actually be an awesome router, just with those additional features, it would be a shame to miss the wifi 6 on this as then it would kind of releasing a new hardware with an outdated component but I think I will give it a try!

    Thanks again for all the responses and informations!

  • Still, I'm sure this thread was created to amplify (pun intended) the GUI in both the WebUI and the app based UI. I also feel it's over simplified for me and lacking certain options that should be open to me. Adding and multi-user GUI would be best IMO (probably more costly) and having a Easy and Advanced Tab to separate the users would be nice... You see these tabs on many motherboards and even other mainstream routers.