Two 2.4GHz channels in use

  • I have seen a couple of older questions about this but have not seen an answer, so I thought I would ask again. I have the HD router and two mesh points. The mesh points are wireless and setup to use the 5GHz band for their connection to the router. Within the wireless settings, I manually set the 2.4GHz band to channel 1. After this is set, when I look at an analyzer, I see my network on channel 1, but I also see some very strong (same strength) signals on channel 11. When I look closer at what is so strong on channel 11, it is the MAC addresses for my mesh points but it lists the name as "hidden". No matter what I set the channel to, there is always these other signals on channel 11. Even if I set my 2.4GHz band to use channel 11, all of the signals stay on channel 11. Why would this be happening or what is the reasoning for it? Again, the mesh points are using the 5GHz band for their connection, not the 2.4GHz band.


  • @Jason-Meyer Hi, do you have any additional SSIDs on?

  • @UI-JT Sorry, no additional SSID's turned on for either band.

  • @UI-JT Here is what I am seeing on the analyzer. Again, I have the 2.4GHz band set to channel 1.
    On channel 1 I see two MAC addresses:
    f0:9f:c2:d4:26:ca (this matches the 2.4GHz band for the main router)
    f6:9f:c2:d4:26:ca (same as the previous except f0 vs f6)
    On channel 11 I see four MAC addresses:
    f0:9f:c2:d4:1e:2a (matches the 2.4GHz band for mesh point in livingroom)
    f6:9f:c2:d4:1e:2a (same as previous except f0 vs f6)
    f0:9f:c2:d4:1e:ac (matches 2.4GHz band for mesh point in kitchen)
    f6:9f:c2:d4:1e:ac (same as previous except for f0 vs f6)

  • @UI-JT any thoughts on this? No additional SSIDs turned. Guest network is off. I rebooted the mesh points and one of them changed to channel 8. So I have the router set on Ch1 and it shows that way, one mesh point showing on ch11, and the other on ch8.

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