Pinging Amplifi hosts

  • Hello guys,
    I have an Amplifi Instant system which is connected to the ISP Router, as normal. On the ISP router I added a static route to the IP range of the Amplifi, I can ping the Amplifi router from the ISP router network but I cannot ping any of the clients connected to the Amplifi router. However, when connected to the Amplifi Wifi network I can ping any device on the network. Is there anything I am missing here, as I would like to be able to ping the clients on the Amplifi wifi, but when doing so I receive the following response from the Amplifi gateway: Reply from Destination port unreachable. I was not able to find any way to add a static route on the Amplifi router. Does anyone have any idea what I could do to resolve this issue? Thanks.

  • @Cristian-I I'm going to reply to myself here, I ended up putting the Amplifi router in bridge mode.

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