WI-FI drops and disconnects mesh points

  • I’ve had an AMPLIFI system for approximately 1 year. Throughout this time, my system has been consistently inconsistent. Firmware updates typically result in system crashes while mesh points randomly drop.

    3 days ago, I had a major system crash where everything lockup up. I had to reset the system using the reboot button on the bottom of the router. Now the mesh points will connect for approximately 10 minutes. After this time, the WI-FI will stop and the mesh points will drop. Typically, the WI-FI will return after 2-3 minutes but the mesh points will not reconnect unless a reboot is done.

    This system has been terribly sensitive since the day it was purchased. Customer service is not responding and has denied RMA (2 months past warranty coverage). Very unhappy with the product and service.

    Please help.

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