Super Slow Wifi-6 speeds

  • My support ticket ID is 232194

    I replaced my Netgear X10 R9000 router with Amplifi Alien - BIG mistake. My connection is Comcast 1G and I have Netgear CM1000 as the modem (no router there).

    Wired speeds from LAN ports of both routers give me ~940 Mbps speeds.

    But Wifi is where Amplifi Alien sucks big time.

    Macbook Pro (Wifi-5):
    Netgear - ~600 Mbps
    Alien - a max of 200 Mbps

    Windows Laptop (2.4 GHz)
    Netgear - ~200 Mbps
    Alien - 60 - 80 Mbps

    Samsung phone (Wifi-6)
    Netgear - not applicable as this does not support Wifi 6 but via Wifi 5, I get 500 Mbps
    Alien - barely 200 Mbps with Wifi6

  • The customer rep asked me to turn on Wifi-5 5 Ghz signal and test. With this, I get:

    Wifi-5 MacBook pro - 650 Mbps
    Wifi-6 capable Samsung phone - 650 Mbps

    So, something is weird with the Wifi6 signals. Provided support data and waiting to hear back.

    Terribly disappointed. This sure is a massive downgrade to my Netgear X10 R9000.

    I was told to temporarily use Wifi-5 signal only. But for some older devices, I still have to connect to Wifi-6 2.4 Ghz and speeds for these devices crawl.

  • @Bare-Necessities I got same set up as you and I get 900- to a gig on my oneplus 8 pro, so not sure if your issue is the alien

  • I have replaced Alien with my X10 thrice and speeds shoot up. How then can the issue be not with Alien?

    The customer representative who sat with me for 90-min exhausted all her troubleshooting options and had me open a support ticket - clearly she thinks there is indeed an issue here.

    On Reddit, we saw at least three folks who posted with an EXACTLY same issue as mine. And one them even reported that customer support tells him to temporarily stick with WiFi-5 till they figure out what on freaky earth is happening with this router.

    It just seems crazy that the same router produces amazing speeds with its non-Wifi6 signal but with its Wifi6 signal, speeds drop like crazy.

  • Hi @Bare-Necessities - which firmware releases have you tried?

    What tools are you using to analyze the WiFi channels in your environment?

    Alien is pseudo-tri-band, using 5.8 GHz for WiFI-6 and 5.2 GHz for the additional WiFi-5 radio

    And right now the 5.8 GHz WiFi-6 channel cannot be set manually

    The hardware is capable, but lot's of variables in play and the Alien may not be playing nicely with your clients in the 5.8 GHz band which can be very frustrating, where others are having no issues

    It helps if you can create Support Info files and send them in along with messages to @UI-Brett or @UI-JT for review to see what is going on and if they are detecting any interference, etc.

    • I got the router with 3.3.1. After I saw the issue, I enabled the Beta firmware option and downloaded the latest Beta firmware - it did not seem to help.
    • I have been using Xfinity Speed Test and to test the speed, as suggested by the Customer support representative

    Basically here are the options I tried with my Wifi6 (Samsung Galaxy S10) and Wifi5 devices (MacBook Pro, Yogabook Windows)

    • Wifi6 5 GHz - I get ~ 200 Mbps (Netgear gives me ~600 to 700 Mbps)
    • Wifi6 2.4 GHz - I get barely 20 to 40 Mbps on my only-2.4GHz windows laptop (again Netgear gives away faster speeds)
    • Wifi5 5 GHz - here I get 600 to 700 Mbps on both my Wifi5 and Wifi6 device (on par with Netgear)

    I sent the support files to and created a ticket as suggested by the rep (ticket number is in my first post) - but I will be very happy to send them to @UI-Brett and @UI-JT as well!

  • I could not figure out how to send the files to @UI-JT as the only option to contact him seems to be the chat which does not allow me to attach files.

    I emailed the support data to @UI-Brett now. Thanks in advance.

  • Hi @Bare-Necessities - I believe @UI-Brett has gigabit Comcast service, so he can probably best advise you

    Do you have IPv6 enabled or disabled ?

    There has been mention of IPv6 being needed for gigabit Comcast service in some areas while it can cause issues in others

  • Originally, I did not have IPv6 turned on.

    This morning, I turned it on just to see if it helps? I don't see any difference so far - with or without IPv6.

    Also, I have all 4 LAN ports used and connected to Apple TV, NVidia Shield, Philips Hue hub and a VOIP device. I get up to 900 Mbps on wired devices. Not sure if this matters, but noting it here in case it does....

    I did a fresh test and below is what I get on my Wifi-5 Macbook:

    • Wifi6 5 and 2.4 GHz combined: 150 Mbps down and 170 Kbps up
    • Wifi5 5 Ghz: 610 down and 33 up

    The results are pretty similar through my Wifi6 Samsung phone as well

    (I am using or Xfinity speed test via Chrome browser).

  • After upgrading the router to the latest Beta firmware - 3.4.0rc3 this morning, I continue to see the same issue.

    • Wifi-6 signal (5/2.4 GHz) - when accessed through Wifi 5/6 clients - barely get ~100 Mbps download speed
    • Wifi-5 signal (‘additional 5Ghz signal option’) - I get ~700Mbps download

    Essentially, the Wifi6 signal is unusable with miserable speeds - be it for Wifi-5 or Wifi-6 clients.

    Sent another round of support data to Amplifi support team.

  • @Bare-Necessities have you used a WiFi analyzer to check on the congestion of WiFi channels in your area? Since the Alien does not have channel selection available for the WiFi 6 5 GHz channel yet, your Alien could be selecting a congested channel. If your Netgear router is auto-selecting the WiFi 6 channel as well, it may be able to detect WiFi congestion better than the Alien.

    I am having a similar issue with WiFi 6 running slower than WiFi 5 on my Alien and have determined that the selected WiFi 6 channel(s) are congested compared to the manually selectable WiFi 5 channel.

    Waiting on a firmware update that allows us to select the WiFi 6 channel as this affects both the mesh Alien router speed as well as clients connecting to that band in congested areas.

  • @Vernon-Chan quite possible! is what my networks look like .. Zipzapzoom5 is Wifi-5 and Zipzapzoom-2 is Wifi-6. On my Netgear, I always manually chose channels with the least congestion.

  • Ok, something weird is happening!!

    When I woke up this morning, the first thing I did was connect to the Wifi-6 signal and test.

    Wifi-6: 620 Mbps down and 33 Mbps up!
    Wifi-5: 600 Mbps down and 35 Mbps up

    This is the FIRST time I have seen anything more than 200 Mbp on Wifi-6!

    And, here comes the twist!

    I just turned on my TV hooked to Apple TV - which is wired to the router and boom, the speeds dropped BIG time.

    Wifi-6: 83 Mbps down and 1.1 Mbps up!
    Wifi-5: 600 Mbps down and 33 Mbps up

    The decrease in speed for the Wifi-6 signal is DRASTIC! Something happened when I turned on Apple TV which is wired to the router. By the way, I have not even begun streaming anything on it yet.

    I unplugged Apple TV, unwired this LAN port, rebooted the router - but the Wifi-6 speeds are not restored. Wifi-5 remains unaffected through this ordeal.

  • So far, no response by anyone from the Support Team. As my 2.4GHz older devices are just not able to function with the terrible speeds, I had to yank Alien out and hook back by X10 R9000 and finally, all my devices are working again.

    I will give it another week, if I don't hear back from the support, I will probably consider returning the router while I still can. So far, there are at least 3 including me who seem to have the exact same issue - Wifi-6.

    I am running out of ideas at this point in time.

    "I have a amplifi alien with gigabit internet and the router reports getting 900 plus both up and down but over WiFi 6 my devices won’t get over 450. Yeah that’s still a lot but all these you tubers who got it for review are getting 700 plus with their gigabit over WiFi 6. Anyways their response was for me to turn off the WiFi 6 band and just use the WiFi 5(ac ) band. Literally the only reason I went with the router in the first place was for the damn WiFi 6! "

    "I have Centurylink 940 Mbps speeds but am only getting ~150 Mbps Download speeds from my Amplifi Alien at most."

    "It’s the same for me and is pissing me off, my old nighthawk router I was getting 700 over WiFi 5 on my MacBook now I’m not barely getting 340 down and 479 up. On the WiFi 6 band my iPhone 11 Pro and s10plus both get around 450 down and around 500 up. I talked to I chatted with support and they said my logs seemed normal. They also recommended I just try and use the WiFi 5 band exclusively which defeats the purpose of upgrading to this router in the first place as I did it for the WiFi 6. And for my internet I have gigabit and the speedtest on the router itself confirms that at around 900 both ways. Extremely frustrated with this product."

  • Still waiting - No response from anyone from Amplifi support team.

  • @Bare-Necessities Just return it while you can if you can't get any response from support is my advice and save yourself the hassle of dealing with bugs or hardware problems if no one is willing to work with you or help you.

  • I am having the same issue.. i am barely able to break 200 Mbps on Wifi-6. Meanwhile my old Google Wifi pucks i was able to push out 400 Mbps on wifi-5. I did open a support ticket but now i am losing faith they will be able to respond in adequate time. I am now losing faith in the product and i want to return the product. I hear that returning the product once open is quite a pain?

  • @robert-lee-0 After a week, I got a reply that my ticket is being looked into.

    The support folks asked me to name both Wifi-6 (2.4 and 5 GHz combined) SSID and the "Additional 5 GHz signal) SSID with the same name - and that did not help. I collected new support logs after this test and sent it to Amplifi. And now I wait again.

    At this point, support wants me to stick with Wifi-5 only, but that is a no go as I have some devices which connect only to 2.4 GHz and these are not able to function at all s Alien does not let you pick a Wifi-5 2.4 GHz option.

  • @Bare-Necessities I agree Wifi-5 only option is not acceptable to me. Sadly i purchased two of these devices to mesh. I am going to inquire about returning the product as this issue does not seem like an easy fix. I am quite disappointed, waiting for restock then finally being able to purchase, and then seeing these speed test results. I might try the netgear Orbi route.

  • Considering I waited with bated breath to buy one of these, I am torn between waiting for a solution and returning the unit. I read on Reddit too that returning them is a pain. Yeah, at this point I am just hoping they release a firmware update that fixes these issues. I am back on my X10 meanwhile. Customer Support so far has been extremely unhelpful and not very willing to engage - and I hope they turn around and make me change my impression.

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