Super Slow Wifi-6 speeds

  • I want to add my experience as well, it has not been good. With using the app and modem I am getting about 870Mbps down and 958Mbs up. But I am only getting about 300 Mbps and the range stinks. My problem is that I bought it 21 days ago, and I want to return it, but no one is answering my emails at I reached out to RMA with warranty and they will honor a warranty return and get me another one, but I do not want that. I want my money back and I am starting to run out of time. Besides emails is there another way to reach

  • @godjams Do you know what firmware version you are running this unit on? You can PM me your order info and I will reach out to our store team!

  • My ticket has been open for MONTHS now and even the customer support stopped responding after a while. Last email was 2 months ago where the rep said, "we may fix in one of our future updates". At this point, I have more or less given up on Amplifi Alien ever working properly with Wifi6. @godjams Good call, I should have done this long time ago.

  • Looks like I can join the club here in saying that I ordered this unit extremely excited and I have been disappointed as I never really received the "range" others touted about and my Wifi6 Speeds are 35mbps. I pay for 1gb a month (FYI). If I disable every single Wifi6 radio in the settings and just run 5ghz I can pull speeds in 500mbps. That's only if I disable what makes this unit "future proof". I've already submitted a ticket but reading here I think I'm just going go to to best buy and solve my issue with something else. It doesn't seem like returning these is an option that they make very easy.

    Very expensive disappointment I must say.

  • I thought I was going crazy. Seeing this posts shows I’m not the only one.

    Running the newest firmware. Alien Router. 1 gigabit wan connection.

    My WiFi 6 is giving 10 mbps and will constantly disconnect. To a point half of my speed test runs won’t even complete. Enabling additional 5ghz with a new SSID I can get speed of 500mbps, which is great.

    Both 2.4ghz and 5ghz on the ssid of the WiFi 6 is giving terrible speeds of sub 50mbps. I should of returned this device when I had the chance. Only started to really notice when I got my PS5 hooked up and noticed constant drop connection.

  • @modo1012 Hello. Please contact our support and they will help you resolve your issue. form
    Before contacting support always update to the latest firmware version (at the moment it is 3.4.3.)

  • I have the same issue. So I figured out that it’s my soundbar’s wireless subwoofer is interfering the 5.8 GHz WiFi 6 (High band). When I turn off the soundbar the problem goes away. Not sure if AmpliFi can do anything about it.

    Here’s one of the article I found:

  • @UI-AmpliFi I have contacted support, got an RMA in. Guess what? Still not working right. Its better but still terrible. And the chat moved me to tier 2 support, which only works via email.

    ATT Gigabit internet

    Created different SSID to
    Iphone 12
    Combined Network

    Wifi 6 5g

    Wifi 6 2.4

    Wifi 5 5g

    The problem isnt exactly the through output. Its the varying speeds and lag. I have a PS5 on the WIFI 6, and lag is unbearable. If running speed test on wifi 6, it will start at 1mbps to 10mbps and go up to 100 and drop back to 1. These fluctuations causes significant lag.

  • @modo1012 said in Super Slow Wifi-6 speeds:

    And the chat moved me to tier 2 support, which only works via email.

    Well, the support just stopped communicating 2 months ago, even via email. I have the exact same issue as you and Support has not really done anything other than have me collect logs a bunch of times and tell me to wait for a future firmware update.

  • @Bare-Necessities Wow. It’s a shame to see all these issues with such an expensive router. You can add me to the list of people that have now had this same problem. I have 1 gig up/down fiber optic internet, and I was super excited after ordering the Alien. Finally, a router that can (or so I thought) really handle all the bandwidth. This is the first night of using it, and so far the basic dual band router that Centurylink provided runs circles around the Alien, when it comes to WiFi that is. Hard wired still performs great, but man, that WiFi 6 is just awful. I’m not terribly picky when it comes to getting perfect speed every time, but the WiFi 6 is slowwwwwwwww. I went from 500-600 mbps up and down to barely breaking 100, even when I’m standing right next to the thing. This much of a performance drop (especially after spending $400) is simply unacceptable. I saw suggestions to turn off the WiFi 6, but is that not one of the reasons this device was extremely expensive? That’s like getting a nice new HD TV, and then the company asking you to watch standard definition while they sort it out, even though we as consumers are paying extra for that better quality. Yes, there is not many devices that even have WiFi 6 yet (my iPhone 11 Pro max is the only capable device) but it seems to me even after months of multiple issues being reported, this has still not been solved. After this long, it makes me wonder if that will ever happen. Alright, rant over. I suppose I will attempt to process a return to get a refund, really bummed this didn’t pan out.

  • @Dillan-Rich Hopefully AMPLIFI support can assist you. However the Alien has performed flawlessly for us. No WiFi calling issues, no speed issues, and better range than our previous Apple router. We had gig service for part of this year and consistently got 500-600 down and upload speeds, which was what we got over WiFi with the previous router but better range than the previous router.

    Currently our internet speed has been reduced to our normal service - 200/200 - with Verizon Fios. But we consistently get 300+ over WiFi on all devices. I had an iPhone 11 Pro Max and now a 12 Pro Max which are the only WiFi 6 devices but speeds, using the Speedtest app, are the same on all our other devices.

    I did have one issue. An Arlo Q security camera began dropping its WiFi connection every day when the 3.4.1 AMPLIFI software was released. Prior to that release the connection was rock solid. For that reason I had to enable the additional 5GHz for that camera. Since connecting the camera to that network the connection has again been rock solid. I only have that camera connected to that additional network. So from what I’ve read and experienced myself in general the Alien performs extremely well but in some environments there may be issues. But that seems true of every device out there. I have not used it as a mesh router, its range has made that unnecessary for us, it’s possible that there could be issues in that configuration that I don’t currently experience.

  • @Dillan-Rich Hi, Dillan.
    Have you talked with our customer support?
    There are many reasons why speeds could drop and support info could help us resolve your issue.

  • @UI-AmpliFi Hello, no I have not contacted support. Is there some sort of known issue with WiFi 6 on these Alien routers?

  • I have gotten a response back from Tier 2 support.

    Here is the quoted message :

    "Currently, the Alien router is highly susceptible to interference from other nearby devices, which is causing slow speed on wifi6. Our developers are working on fixing this in a future update for which we have no ETA on this yet.

    However, they have suggested you can connect the devices to the Wifi 5 radio SSID for better speed and try to move Alien further from other electronics - especially wireless routers."

    I purchased an eero Pro 6, and the speeds on my iphone 12 is now 600+ Same location as the Alien router. So what exact interference Alien has but the eero does not on wifi 6 is a bit beyond me. I may need to grab my Ekahau Sidekick and see what the issues are. But I doubt I will find much.

  • @John-Pappas If your internet speeds are currently 200/200 how are you testing the 300+? Not to be rude, but im curious the find a solution.
    Your dropping of internet connection is probably what I am experiencing as well. If I use my main SSID (the one where all frequency are combined), my security cameras and other devices are also dropping several times a day. The main SSID regardless of wifi 5 or 6 will do this. If you run several speed tests, you might catch this happening. Example on my WIFI 5 device, it will start to hit 300mbps and all of a sudden it will drop to .01 then boost back up. Sometimes the test will error out. Sometimes the test will start 10 then go to 100 then back to 1. During these dips, our devices are timming out causing it to disconnect. The main Wifi 6 modem inside the Alien seems to be the culprit. Using the additional 5g, I dont have this issue as well. But according to their product page, the additional 5g is using a different wifi chip inside the router.

    Cameras require a constant stream of internet, hence its a bit more sensitive to time lag and time outs. Things like the Nest thermostat will not care if there was a slight interruption in the network. My TV has some intermittent drops as well when using Apple Airplay. Since that service also requires a good constant speed. Youtube doesnt care, as it buffers ahead, so intermittent cut off you wont see it either.

  • @modo1012 “If your internet speeds are currently 200/200 how are you testing the 300+? Not to be rude, but im curious the find a solution.”

    Verizon Fios pads their speeds. Comcast used to do the same thing, sign up for a specific tier and they boost it. For Fios the 200 nominal tier becomes 300. I’m not complaining and it’s why I didn’t feel any need to pay for gig service once they discontinued their free period. On the gig service we got 500+ and on our normal service 300+ so gig is really a waste of money if we were to pay for it.

    None of our devices except for that. camera has had any issues with the WiFi 6 bands. And that only began to have the issue when 3.4.0 was updated to 3.4.1. Since it has been problem free on the additional 5 network I have not tried changing it back to see if the issue has been resolved in 3.4.3. All our other devices except for a printer and our Apple watches connect to the 5GHz WiFi 6 band with no problems. The watches and the printer connect to the 2.4, I have them named separately.

  • @John-Pappas Thanks for that info. Seems you have broken up the different SSID's When I do that as well the unit does run a bit better as well. If you ever get a chance and turn off the extra SSID and try to use the main SSID we might have the same issue.

    The RMA unit for me came with an real old firmware, forgot to take note. But it was having the same issues as well.

    Do you live in a house? Maybe some of us having issues are living in an apartment building and yes, there is a lot more WIFI clients around.

  • @modo1012 I live in a condo building with multiple Wifi networks around me. That’s why I don’t use the 2.4 band except for devices that aren’t capable of 5GHz. With 2.4 and ambient interference the speeds are dramatically slower. That’s why I name the networks separately and don’t use the common SSID, I don’t want my devices ever connecting to 2.4 unless there is no alternative.

    That has worked flawlessly, all iOS devices, except for the Apple watches connect to 5GHz. The camera also does. I had never enabled the additional 5 network before because it was never needed. However as soon as 3.4.0 was updated to 3.4.1 on the Alien the camera started dropping its connection. Every morning at about the same time and then a few times during the day. I thought the camera was failing, started looking at replacements. But then I remembered reading some posts here that some devices had trouble with wifi 6 networks. So I thought I’d experiment before tossing the camera and as soon as I switched its connection to the additional 5 I’ve had no drops. I’d like to return it to the default wifi 6 band and turn the additional 5 off but since I’ve seen no indication that this may have been resolved in 3.4.3, and everything is working perfectly, I’ll just leave it as is for now.

    But since getting the Alien last spring I’ve had no issues with any device or function, only that camera and only when that 3.4.1 software came out. In my apartment the 5GHz band reaches every area, better than my previous router, so using the common SSID is of no benefit to me and might cause problems that could be difficult to pin down.

  • @John-Pappas So these conversations got me thinking, and stroke of luck found part of the issue.

    Combined network was getting fluctuating 10mbps - 100mbps. But I had my wireless headset Astro A50, and running speed test on my phone the headset will keep dropping or skipping. Now if your familiar with his headset it uses 2.4ghz.
    Turned the headset off, no change. BUT turned off the receiver and BAM speed is stable. I used a Logitech G933 headset (also 2.4) no issues.

    Speed is still not the best, but now getting 300/300 without the odd fluctuations. Remember eero gave me speeds upwards 600/600.

    Guess the support was correct about the interference issues. But this is an software/hardware issue with the Alien, since other routers are not having the same interference issue.

  • @modo1012 I know manufacturers state that wifi can be affected by various items - electrical wiring, plumbing, other devices. But I haven’t experienced anything significant since the old days when certain wireless home phones could knock out your signal. I remember years ago when my wife would walk around the room with one of the handsets and every time she came near me my connection would drop. I haven’t experienced that again with modern devices. I’ve seen someone post here about a soundbar or some home audio system whose wireless subwoofer caused an issue. I have one but no issues from it, that I can tell.

    It’s unfortunate if these other devices are impacting your router. I can understand your frustration especially if you weren’t experiencing those issues with a previous router. Hopefully their support can come up with a solution or allow you to return it if necessary. Good luck.

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