Guest SSID won't show...

  • I set up a guest network, have it turned on, the SSID is NOT hidden, yet I can't get this visible for anyone to connect to. I rebooted one time, and it showed for a bit, then was gone again... What am I missing here?

    Actually, I played around with this and it appears to be broken... Badly. Setting the guest network "always on" renders it inoperable. Setting a time limit on it made it show, but the first time I attempted to connect to it, it crashed the router and it rebooted. I was connected the guest network after it came back up.

    I am running the 3.2.0 firmware it came with. I haven't updated yet due to people saying they were having issues with it here.

  • Hi @Sideman7 - the original manufacturing v3.2.0 firmware had quite a few issues which were fixed with the v3.2.2 initial ship release

    As you have noted, the latest stable public v3.3.1 release is also receiving its share of problem reports, but it should be more stable than v3.2.0

    I would personally recommend v3.2.5, which you can install manually by obtaining a download link from support, or going with the v3.4.0rc1 beta firmware release, which you can obtain by joining the beta program in the web UI

    Either one should solve the rebooting issues from v3.2.0

  • @Derek-Saville Thanks for the info. Maybe I’ll give the beta a try, I haven’t seen anyone complaining about it in that thread.

  • The beta firmware did fix the missing guest network issue. Also no reboots so far! Thanks.

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