Corner case bug in port forwarding?

  • Hi,

    I've been configuring my new Amplifi Alien and noticed an unusual behavior in port forwarding. For the most part, it works as expected except under one circumstance.

    My typical setup is that I set up port forwarding so that my home domain can be used to access services on several different computers. Let's say as a simple example, I have a web server on one machine that I make available on port 85 externally. From any machine on my local network or externally, I can go to www.<mydomain>.com:85 and that get's translated to port 80 on the web server system and it works as expected.

    The corner case is if I try to access www.<mydomain>.com:85 from the same machine. In that case, the request never gets fulfilled and times out. I've verified this behavior on several systems. In each case, the host of the service can not access the service through the main domain with port forwarding but all other systems can.

    Of course, I can access through localhost and the system's assigned IP, but in more complicated setups beyond basic web servers it is desirable to access through a common address (the domain and port), even if that domain and port point right back to the same system (e.g. common scripts that can be run from any system including the host being accessed).

    Please take a look at this. Aside from this, I'm pretty happy with the Alien so far!


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