Improving coveraage

  • Hopefully a simple enough query. With reference to the diagram attached, I’d like to know whether the best option to improve coverage in my home would be to add another Amplifi HD Mesh Router connected via Ethernet to the primary router and run this in a different mode?

    Would the mesh point that is struggling to receive a decent signal connect to this new device instead?

    Thanks in advance for any advice.


  • Hi @Russell-Grocott - do you need Ethernet ports at the current HD router location?

    As a test you could maybe temporarily move the current HD router to the new proposed location with the Ethernet cable and check the coverage along with the signal strength to the struggling mesh point

    Have you tried moving the struggling mesh point closer to the current HD router (half way) - similar to how the -55 dBm mesh point is positioned?

    Or do you need the signal to extend outside the home?

    Aside from that, adding a second HD with Ethernet backhaul as you have proposed is a great way to add coverage and improve the signal strength to the struggling mesh point

    You may not even need the struggling mesh point any longer if the second HD can reach the end of the home and meet your needs

    There is no need to run the second HD in a "different mode" can just install it as a wireless mesh point to your existing mesh and then enable Ethernet backhaul...

    With Ethernet backhaul enabled the struggling mesh point should perceive the second HD as being equivalent to the main HD router and connect to the one with the best signal quality, which should be the new HD router based on your diagram

  • Thanks Derek, very helpful.

    With regard to the proposed design, the current HD needs to stay where it is as it's both where the broadband enters the house and coincidentally where the main TV is positioned. For this reason I am able to use ethernet to connect my TV & Roku to the network by cabling these directly into the HD router.

    Concerning the ethernet point, I have an existing ethernet socket up near the ceiling at the back of my pantry and it seems to make good sense to use a HD router to improve coverage.

    I assume that if I were to place a third mesh point in the pantry instead, that this would be of no benefit to the mesh point that is currently struggling?

    I like the backhaul suggestion.. great kit!

  • Hi @Russell-Grocott - the MeshPoint HD's do not have dedicated backhaul radios, so you want to keep them connected to an Ethernet based HD if at all possible

    Based on what you have described, a 2nd HD with Ethernet backhaul is probably your best option to improve coverage all around

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