AmpliFi Instant beta firmware 3.4.0rc0

  • I've been using the beta firmware update for a few days now and I have to say that it's a massive improvement performance wise compared to 3.3.0. Since installing 3.4.0rc0, my network has been rock solid. Fast transitions between the mesh points/router and speed is great everywhere.

    For anyone having performance issues with 3.3.0, I'd suggest trying this beta release rather than rolling back to 3.1.2 as has been suggested in other posts. The Web UI is also really good in the beta release also with the addition of the network topology.

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  • What non beta firmware did you have to be on to try it? I had to roll back from 3.3.0 to 2.9.1 this came in the box.

  • Hi @Michael-Melton - you can enroll to receive beta firmware candidates from any stable release

    The option to join the beta program is on the web UI page...

  • @hunterp I sure hope this beta is better than 3.3.0 'case that has messed up my wireless roaming between mesh points, big time.

    Of course, "support" wants to blame the PC's, Macs, iPhones and Androids -- all of which have the problem -- instead of the AmpliFi. Because, AmplFi is perfect. Never had any issues with performance and it works great in the lab.

    I wish we could identify a "long-term support" release that worked and we could stay with. I just don't care about the cosmetics in the app or the other window-dressing dross being added now.

    It's not all dark. I appreciate firmware updates for security and performance. I just wish that's all they were and that Ubnt worked harder to not regress security and performance.

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