Why is "Family" not possible in bridge mode

  • I understand it is not available in bridge mode. No groups/profiles and no managements of pause on schedules etc.

    I can see how this might be implemented in terms of firewall functions in the router portion and thus, why bridge mode makes it unavailable. On the other hand, I see no reason why most, if not all, of the functionality cannot be implemented in bridge mode.

    It also seems that while the devices page shows a pause button each device, it is always disabled, making me think that likewise this function is never available in bridge mode. If so, why display the button at all. There is no meaning to something being displayed as "disabled" if it can never be "enabled".

    While the insides of the Amplify products may work differently than I think, I suppose that, like many other Ubnt products is based on Linux. It therefore seems to me that a facility like iptables could still be utilized, internally, to drop packets incoming on the WiFi side of things when a device or group of devices is paused, whether manually or through a schedule.

    Either way a little database/config needs to be implemented to store groups etc. It would also be very useful to have usage statistics per group etc.

    So, why is this not (ever?) possible, or is it a matter of not having done the necessary work/engineer to make it possible in bridge mode? If the answer is that it could be done, here's my plug for doing it asap:

    Many people will use this product either behind a cable/dsl modem or other DSP device where it should not, or cannot, be used as a router (double NAT etc.). There's your use case right there.

    My own case is a Comcast cable modem that, itself bridges, but I need a more complex network with some VLANs etc. Still I also need wireless. My solution has long been to feed the cable modem into an Edgerouter POE, and from there I go into a managed switch to handle VLANs etc. My wireless access points are connected to the respective VLANs. This means I can use access points, but not routers, for my wireless options. Amplify HD, in my case, fulfills this need, and I like the product, even without the family function. I had seen this function in the promotional material, however, without it becoming clear easily that for half of each user scenario (bridged vs routed), this is not available. I think it is a (unnecessary) loss.

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