Support NextDNS CLI client !!!



    • Stub DNS53 to DoH proxy.
    • Auto discovery and forwarding of LAN client's name and model.
    • Supports a vast number of platforms / OS / routers.
    • Can run on single host or at router level.
    • Local cache
    • Auto router setup (integrate with many different router firmware).
    • Serve from /etc/hosts.
    • Multi upstream healthcheck / fallback.
    • Conditional forwarder selection based on domain.
    • Conditional NextDNS configuration ID selection based on client subnet prefix or MAC address.
    • Auto detection of captive portals.

    Ubiquiti EdgeOS install

    Enable SSH:

    Click on the "System" tab at the bottom left of the admin page
    Check "Enable" in the "SSH Server" section
    Scroll down and click "Save"
    Connect to the server using an SSH client
    Run the following command and follow the instructions:

    sh -c 'sh -c "$(curl -sL"'

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