Hyperfibre (Multi-gig internet deployment)

  • Hello everyone,

    I am running an Amplifi HD and two Amplifi Instants - all connected with ethernet backhaul and Hardware NAT. This is conducted by way of a 24x Gigabit switch.

    The setup is just great and works really well.

    The WAN connectivity is 1Gbps / 500 fibre.

    Later this month, I will be able to order Hyperfibre: https://hyperfibre.chorus.co.nz/hyperfibre-options/home

    This is New Zealand's latest fibre - running 2000 Mbps symmetrical and low latency on a Nokia XGS-PON network.

    The optical terminal, modem and wifi are all integrated into one unit - but I will have to install the router for the new service in the wiring cabinet.

    I would love to have your recommendations on how to deploy my existing Amplifi network I have (1HD and 2 Instant) to maximise the available bandwidth I can get for my wireless clients.

    Principal issue here is that the WAN connection is Multi-Gig (2Gbps later climbing to 4Gbps and 8Gbps next year).

    I can use my Amplifi in bridge mode, but if I do this and activate the ethernet backhaul on the instants - this will top out at 1Gbps right - the maximum speed of the Amplifi HD WAN port.

    In this case, is it easier to (a) attempt network segmentation - and use the integrated 4 port switch on the back of my new router (4 x 1Gbps) ports - to try to balance some of the load or (b) just run the Amplifi hardware as base APs with no backhaul?

    Would be really interested to hear your thoughts. I did a search of the forums and could not find discussion of Multi-Gig WAN deployment and hence my post. Thank you.

  • There is no current solution for Multi-Gig from AmpliFi. The Alien is their top-tier, flagship product currently and it only supports 1 gigabit ethernet ports as the HD. You will have to look into what Ubiquiti/UniFi offers or a different company with Multi-Gig port aggregation support. Although I haven't seen anything higher than 2.5Gig support on mainstream available routers currently. You might have to wait a while since your setup is very bleeding edge.

  • @Tony-Penev Thank you for your reply Tony. I feel that Wifi continues to go through evolutionary changes - and that we will see more commercialisation of Wifi 6(E) and Multi-Gig ports towards the end of the year. In order to save money, I feel I will wire in my high-bandwidth devices, and continue to use my Amplifi HD in Ethernet Backhaul - but this will limit to 1GBPs. This should work. I could wire each of the Instants and HD back to the switch at the back of the new Hyperfibre router which has 4x 1 Gbps + 1x 10 Gbps port. Thinking:

    Port 1. House switch
    Port 2. Amplifi HD (833 max wifi)
    Port 3. Amplifi Instants - perhaps with one backhauling / RAMP to get a little mesh effect
    Port 4. <empty>

    Port 10G: My PC workstation.

    Would be pleased to hear thoughts from others. Thank you Tony for your response.


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