Connecting Amplifi instant to Virgin SuperHub3

  • Hi, I've ordered the above mesh kit. To use with my Virgin SuperHub 3 do I need to put the SH3 in modem mode, and if I do, do I have to do this before stating the install of the Amplifi.
    Any advice welcome



  • @Ian-Marsden yes, put it in to modem mode first then connect the new router to it

  • @hunterp TY, done that but Amplifi is saying no ip address - any ideas

  • @Ian-Marsden if your virgin's hub has modem only mode, then it should pass PPPoE to your amplifi in which case you should put Amplifi in "PPPoE mode" and then enter your ISP's username and password in to the amplifi to be able to connect to the internet. If you don't have a username and a password for your ISP, then you should the hub keep it in router mode (you can switch its wifi radio off) to give DHCP to your amplifi to be able to connect.

  • @Ali-Hadi Thanks, all working at the moment - I have put my mesh router in Bridge mode. I've since read elsewhere that when the virgin box is in Modem only LAN port 1 is active - that is hooked up to the TV box so I left that and hooked the AmpliFi to LAN port 2....Might try Modem mode again and hook the Amplifi up through LAN port 1, just loathe to try and fix something that isn't broken.
    Thanks again

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