Amplifi HD Does Not Support Gigabit Wifi

  • Like a number of other people in here, I upgraded to a gigabit broadband connection but got nowhere near that in wireless speed.

    I believed it could and should because of articles like this one.

    After going back and forth with support over the course of two weeks trying to get wifi closer to 1 gbps down, I was informed this morning that the Amplifi HD unit does not in fact support anything north of 400 mbps for wireless.

    See the following image: support exchange

    According to support, then, if you devices to see anything better than 400 mbps down you need new hardware.

    Which is fine, I just wish Ubiquiti was up front about this rather than letting dozens of threads proliferate here with people trying to get to speeds that will not be possible on the device.

    The fact that I wasted two weeks going back and forth with support tweaking settings, restarting hardware and moving devices to other SSIDs in an effort to get to something that support should have been told is not possible is likewise a bit frustrating.

    Anyway, for any of you looking for gigabit wireless you can apparently stop now if support is to be believed.

  • Hi @stephen-o-grady - are you testing with a 2x2 MIMO wireless client device?

    This primer has a pretty good explanation of how the theoretical advertised router speeds become much lower for client devices in more typical real world environments...

    To achieve higher speeds on an HD you really need a 3x3 MIMO wireless client, preferably very close to the router, in an empty, interference free environment, and that just isn't common

  • I’ve tested on a variety of clients, and within a couple of feet of the router.

    But it’s not the client that I’m concerned with. If the device fell short of a gigabit, but by some reasonable amount, that would be understandable.

    The fact that the device itself should be expected to deliver less than half of that regardless of client is, however, a surprise and seemingly was to support as well.

    Why didn’t support lead with that information? It could have saved a lot of time and trouble for me, and I suspect, many others in this forum.

  • Same problem. Been trying to resolve with tech support for over a month. They are now telling me that Gigabyte speeds on AmplifiHD are only available with a wired connection. This doesn't make sense. Why would I use a wireless router if I need to be directly connected by a cable? I can already do that directly to the modem why put an inferior piece of equipment in between?

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