Amplifi Alien + ubiquiti cameras

  • Hi there,

    Moving in to a new house, and setting up 2 amplifi alien routers to create a mesh. Trying to figure out the best security cameras for indoor and outdoor, and have heard great things about the Ubiquiti PoE cameras. That said, I've also heard that amplifi & ubiquiti products don't work well.

    Has anyone tried this? Does anyone have suggestions? Presumably I could just use a wifi camera system (e.g. nest, etc) but trying to go all Ubiquiti.


  • The AmpliFi system will work with the Ubiquiti cameras. The confusion here is that they are on different platforms even though developed by the same company. What that means is that you will need to use the AmpliFi app to manage your network, and the Unifi camera app to manage your camera system.

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