Amplifi HD keeps dropping connection

  • I've had to reboot the amplifi HD five times in the last five hours as it's so unstable. About every hour it drops all connections. It keeps broadcasting an SSID but most clients can't connect. If I am connected, the app cannot access the device. I've updated to the latest firmware, downgraded to a previous known working version, reupgraded and nothing has worked. How can I fix this as it's pretty near unusable at this stage.

  • @andykelk

    When it comes back does it restart the “uptime” like the unit just rebooted itself Or does it seem to just drop the WiFi connection come back up and still report that everything is ok?

  • @PmedicJ
    Sorry for the late response - it's been working fine the last few days so I've been unable to verify. It happened again this morning. What I noticed:

    • A wired client continued working but the three wireless devices that were in use all stopped working. They remained connected to the AP but all requests were timing out.
    • The mesh point connection was showing as offline in the Amplifi app
    • The uptime had not reset and it was saying "everything is great"
    • It may be coincidence, but going into the app and turning off the additional SSID (2.4Ghz) got the wireless going again.

  • And it just died again but I couldn't even access it from the app this time. A full power cycle was the only way I could bring it back.

  • @andykelk What modem are you using? I have seen something like this recently happen with a business class modem that was in use. it had multiple WAN ports and only one can be active at a time from the ISP, and another device was connected to WAN 2 on the modem, stealing the IP address from AmpliFi causing all devices on the network to drop.

  • @UI-Brett
    Hi Brett,

    The Amplifi HD is connected via the WAN port to a NBN NTD (NetComm Wireless NDD-0300). The device only has a single port labeled "gateway" to which the Amplifi is connected.

  • @andykelk said in Amplifi HD keeps dropping connection:

    A wired client continued working but the three wireless devices that were in use all stopped working. They remained connected to the AP but all requests were timing out.

    Support files will help me greatly in figuring out what exactly is happening. When you experience the outage again, can you generate support files for me? During the outage would be ideal, and since you said a wired device can maintain connection, using your wired device via the WebUI to download would work.

    With that being said about your modem, my suspicion is on the radio's and maybe hardware related. If thats the case the support files will show and we can begin the RMA process with you.

  • Turn off MSDU for wireless clients...that fix all my WiFi connectivity problems....You're' welcome.

  • @Fernando-Garcia thanks for the info. Unfortunately I already have A-MSDU turned off.

  • @andykelk aww man...thought i hit that nail on the far as settings go, that is the only thing I changed. I'm using DHCP both 5g and 2.4g on. I have two amplifi instant routers. One is connected to the other using version 3.3. hope you can fix it. Good luck.

  • @Fernando-Garcia it seems the issue is with the number of connected devices. I have like 8 alexas, video streaming devices, multiple Internet of Things (IOT) devices (lights, sensors, etc) So I will create a separate network for static things like the video streaming devices, work network, etc...Ill post when Im done.

  • @Fernando-Garcia I recently am seeing drop out in my wired connections as well. The drop outs are like just 2-3 seconds but it happens reguraly lately. Please post what you have done to change it. Me too have many alexa/TV/Apple tv and mobile devices connected to it. Very annoying during video calls for work.

  • @Fernando-Garcia I did two things. First (easy) ...I increased the DHCP lease on router to 24 hours. It was set to 1hour. That worked for a little while but not good enough. the second thing I did was I created two separate networks. Since I had two old routers, I did a for smartthings( lights, switches) and for video streaming). But for this one, I also added an ampli mini1port router to create a work network. So I have three networks. I was necessary to to because I counted over 300 devices with a MAC address (max is 254) and was creating the problems i described. So with two separate networks, I can have over 500 devices connected. Because the internet provider only gave me 1 static IP address, I had to use three routers in total to do what i did. It took many hours of research and a few more setting it up, but in the end family is happy. 🙂 I hope this gives you an idea that helps. It's not very specific because I am not an expert. Good luck.

  • @UI-Brett

    I am having the same issue. It has been working flawlessly and all if the sudden woke up to no internet. I have reset a few times, once it comes back up the signal is weak and then disappears.

    My laptop works when hardwired, but no wifi. Can’t even troubleshoot the router because it’s offline!

    I haven’t made any changes or added any new devices. I sent over the support doc and haven’t heard back...


  • @Cecilia-M When you first noticed the internet was gone, did your LCD screen on the AmpliFi router give you any error messages, or did it show the date and time like normal? If the network never went offline, but the wireless signal was weak, it could be an antenna issue and an RMA replacement may be needed.

  • @UI-Brett I'm having this same issue now, the lcd shows no internet call your ISP. The ISP confirmed no issue on their side, confirmed cable and tested direct endpoint stability with same cable. In the past week one of my mesh points also stopped responding to even a full 45 second hard reset. Strange coincidence for otherwise rock solid performance for 5 years.

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